The old-world charm and uniqueness of Mama D’s in Wales piqued our interest.  From the outside of the building, there were strings of lights hung among the trees above a rather large outdoor seating area, and adorable brick steps leading up to the front door.  Next to the door was a lovely blue garden chair with jar of pet treats on top and a little water dish next to it for your furry friends.  




Our baristas this morning at Mama D’s were Michelle and Peachy, the manager of Mama D’s.  We also got a special visit from Mama D’s social media curator, Rachel, who was kind enough to show us around the cafe.  



This is not a small cafe.  The main seating area is located immediately as you walk in, featuring snugly-fit tables that seat as few as 2 and as many as 5.  The tables along the walls were outlet-accessible and the oversized windows let in tons of natural light. Uniquely decorated by Mama D’s herself, the tables were sprinkled with old-fashioned lamps and accessories, and surrounded by an eclectic array of chairs.



There’s even more seating in the back. A smaller room with three tables behind the main cafe provides a quieter setting for more intimate conversation, and beyond that is a reservation-only meeting room that seats at least 8 around a large table.


Partially due to it’s prime location of downtown Wales, with the Glacial Drumlin bike trail across the street, it’s a busy environment at Mama D’s. However, since this is a large establishment there is plenty of room for both high traffic and intimate conversation without it feeling chaotic.


Today they’re brewing Valentine’s Costa Rican blend for their drip coffee and using Espresso Dulce, a blend created by Valentine with their finest dark roast coffee beans, for their espresso drinks.  They serve classic coffee and espresso drinks, plus their own specialty concoctions such as the Snickerdoodle (Caramel and Cinnamon), Almond Joy (Coconut, Almond and Chocolate), Beach Day (Salted Caramel Mocha), and Ugg Boots (Vanilla and Nutmeg).   Their unique and delicious specialty drinks change with the seasons so it’s always worth stopping in to see what they have brewing. Right now they feature autumn drinks like Apple Cider, Chaider, Pumpkin Pie Latte, Sweater Weather Latte (White Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Sprinkled Cinnamon), Campfire Latte, (Chocolate and marshmallow). If you’re not a coffee drinker, you’ll be able to find something else to love – they also serve Rishi tea, smoothies, wine and beer.


Here are a few of the drinks we got to try today:


Caramel latte – A good latte is supposed to be sweet and creamy (which this was!) but what makes a great latte is the espresso.  The Valentine espresso was rich and bold and made this latte taste like a warm hug for your insides.

Chaider – More chai than apple, but the apple taste was still prominent and noticeable. Chai has a lot of spice and not a ton of sweetness, so if you like something heavier on the spice than the sweet, this Chaider is a great drink for you.


Sweater Weather Latte – First of all, we are suckers for latte art! Points scored for that! This truly tasted warm and cozy. It made us want to sip it during a beautiful drive through winding tree-filled roads during the peak of fall. We were digging the hint of cinnamon, and wouldn’t have complained if the cinnamon had been more prominent.

Peppermint Patty – This latte was very interesting! The peppermint was not very obvious but present on the finish. The chocolate was not overpowering either, and it complimented the hint of peppermint very nicely! We would definitely order this again! 


Snickerdoodle – This was fantastic.  Perfectly flavored with caramel and cinnamon, it tastes like it should – like a snickerdoodle – but without overpowering the latte itself.  


Braillian Pour Over – We tried the new pour over at Mama D’s just introduced this weekend. We chose the earthy Brazilian dark roast which features hints of dark chocolate and roasted nuts. The pour over is an absolute game changer for us. The coffee was incredibly smooth, with low acidity and you could taste every complex aspect of the roast from the pour over. We love the drip coffee at Mama D’s, but this is absolutely going to be our new go-to when we stop in.


Through talking to Mama D’s employees, it became apparent that Mama D loves her employees, and they love her too.  Employee longevity is common here, and their love for Mama D pours over (pun intended) into their passion for providing great service and coffee for their customers.

Mama D’s also cares about the community, which is why they buy their produce locally.  All bakery items are sourced from nearby bakers and the eggs are purchased from local farms. It was good to see that gluten-free bakery items were are also available.  Besides bakery items, you can also order soups, sandwiches and salads here as well. 



Here are the bakery items we got to try today:


Baked Oatmeal – Made with local Oly’s Oats out of Elm Grove, Wisconsin, this baked oatmeal looked almost too beautiful to eat!  The fruit was fresh and delicious, and it was served with sides of brown sugar and cream. We can also encourage you to try the Steel Cut Oatmeal. It features Quinoa mixed into the steel cut oats and it’s bursting with blueberries. We recommend choosing the maple syrup as your sweet side.  


Orange Cranberry Muffin – Made in-house at Mama D’s, this muffin was bursting with bright red cranberries and had a subtle orange flavour. We chose to heat this muffin up and it was definitely the right call. It made the muffin taste so moist and warm, and it paired perfectly with the pour over!


Lemon Poppyseed Muffin – Made in-house at Mama D’s, the lemon poppyseed muffin was very good! The firm exterior gave way to a moist, soft interior. The lemon was present but not face-puckering. It was the perfect size for pairing with coffee when meeting with a friend.


Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffin – Made from scratch by bakers in Waukesha, this coffee cake muffin was drizzled with icing and had a light flavor.  This would be best paired with a cup of black coffee. Our only regret was that we didn’t get it warmed up before we dug into this one!


Lemon Bar – made locally at Sally’s Sweet Shoppe in Genesse Depot, this was maybe the best lemon bar we’ve ever sampled.  Lemony, sweet, and moist, this treat was a melt-in-your-mouth hit with all of us. The serving size is perfect for sharing since it’s quite sweet.


If you want to take home a piece of Mama D’s, they do sell T-shirts, mugs, cups, stickers and pins.  They also sell local honey and Valentine Coffee here.


There’s a large unisex bathroom at this establishment, with plenty to read while you’re doing your business! There’s a step stool for children at the sink, and the bathroom is well-stocked with toilet paper so you won’t get stranded.

Mama D’s hosts live music multiple times a week. The vibe is more of a singer/songwriter feel as the performing space isn’t large enough to accomodate big bands. Mama D’s husband is known to perform here as well.   We stayed for the live music, and noticed that the sound is loud enough to hear great music, but not so loud that it overpowers your conversation. They also host Open Mic nights and poetry nights.


If you’re looking to get coffee with a friend, or you just happen to be biking through the area and need some food, we’d highly encourage you to visit Mama D’s in Wales! You might need to grab one of their punch cards that you can use toward free beverages – you’re sure to become a regular here!

Mama D’s
104 W Main Street
Wales, Wisconsin 53183

Mon – Wed.: 6AM – 6PM*
Thur. : 6AM – 9PM
Fri : 6AM – 6PM
Sat – Sun: 7AM – 6PM


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  1. Wow Wow Wow, thank you so much for visiting and bringing out what we do at Mama Ds Coffee in such a wonderful way. It makes me burst with pride. My only regret is I did not meet you along with Peachy, Michelle and Rachel. Please visit again and I will come in to shake your hand. Bravo! Sincerely, Diana aka Mama D

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