Vintage-eclectic with a nod to Milwaukee’s past, Sprocket Cafe in Bay View is comprised of unique antiques, bicycle accents, and some great coffee.




Designed by co-owner Juliett who has a love for amazing antiques, this cafe has been open for about 2 years. In case you share Juliett’s passion, Good Land Antiques is located right next door, and you can access it through Sprocket without having to go outside in the snow.




We chatted with our barista Mark today, and he mentioned he just moved back to the area after living many years in LA.  Asking why he moved back to his hometown of Milwaukee, he simply replied, “because it’s on fire.”  We couldn’t agree more, and Sprocket just another reason why we love checking out Milwaukee’s distinctive coffee culture so much. 


Today Sprocket is brewing Anodyne’s bright Columbia and their special Sprocket GSB (Guatemala, Sumatra and Brazil) blend. With unique syrups like Toffee Nut, Cookie Dough and Croissant, we knew we were in for trying something new today!


Oaxacan Latte – Made with Mexican chocolate, this latte had the essence of Oaxaca, with a subtle chocolate flavor that was complemented by a prominent cinnamon spice.  Having actually lived in Oaxaca to study abroad, we can confirm that this drink tasted very reminiscent of the local markets there!


S’Mores Latte – Surprisingly hot, this latte was a marshmallowy, chocolatey cup of espresso-loaded goodness! The chocolate syrup was visible and tasted very present in the drink. The smell of the toasted marshmallows made us feel like we were sitting around a bonfire, sharing stories and making S’mores…in a latte.


Americano – Americanos are different than your average cup of drip coffee. Since it is made with espresso you end up with a deeper tasting, more well balanced cup of coffee. This Americano served at Sprocket was very simple to the palate, with milk chocolate and earthy tasting notes.



Caramel Latte – Sweeter than strong, this latte is a great drink for someone who doesn’t need a rush of caffeine to kickstart your day. The caramel sweetness is very tasty and smooth, but if you need to be able to feel your espresso, then order another shot with this! Bonus points for this unbelievably cute vintage Twister mug!


Latte – For their traditional latte we ordered three shots, because you know we like a strong espresso flavor. The shots were well-pulled and it had a great taste, but not quite as strong as we anticipated getting three shots.  Still, overall a great drink.


London Smog –  The London Smog was a beverage made with honey, milk, espresso and black tea. We however, ordered it with almond milk. There was an equal comparison between the black tea and coffee. The components didn’t feel like they were fighting each other, instead they complimented each other perfectly. This beverage was not extremely sweet so if you’re looking for something different and not overbearingly sugary, the London Smog might be something you’d enjoy.  


Mocha – With its candy bar sweetness and light whipped topping, this tasted like a burst of chocolatey hot cocoa with subtle espresso undertones.


Cake – This chocolate layer cake sandwiched two layers of cookies ‘n cream Swiss buttercream and a middle layer of chocolate ganache. This was topped with creamy white frosting. This generous slice of cake was a special today and locally sourced from The Cake Lady.  If you’re not a fan of chocolate, we’d encourage you to try another one of her amazing slices of cake – the flavors change weekly! 


Donut – A chocolate-lover’s delight, this donut was a moist chocolate cake donut smothered in chocolate glaze. Could pair well with black coffee or a cortado.


Cucumber & Hummus Sandwich – If you like Mediterranean tasting food this sandwich is perfect for you! This sandwich was amazing and we would definitely order it again. The lettuce and cucumber were present but not overpowering and there was the perfect amount of hummus spread. 


Sprocket is also a full-service bicycle repair shop, located in the basement of the building.  Open on weekends during the cool months and more frequently in the summer, this is a place where you can get your flat tires fixed or a bicycle tune-up. 


Sprocket’s food menu extends from light breakfast foods to sandwiches and salads. Don’t drink coffee?  Don’t worry, there are teas, sodas, and juice on the menu!


Merchandise available here includes Anodyne’s Sprocket GSB blend, T-shirts, and vintage mugs.



Sprocket Café
3385 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

(414) 539-4040


Monday-Saturday – 7am-5pm
Sunday – 7am – 3pm

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