Steadfast Coffee – Nashville, TN

As soon as we entered the cafe, we smelled delicious coffee.  The industrialized space was spare in decor, but filled with natural light and a few choice plants – always a good call in our book!  We did feel they took the industrial vibe a bit too fare, as the seating areas lacked comfort.  The menu was simple and to the point, clearly valuing quality of products over quantity of options.  The staff was polite and worked efficiently to craft our drinks, making this stop especially ideal for a grab and go scenario.

Coffee Soda – This drink was unique compared to some of the other coffee-cola combinations we have tried. With a strong citrus flavor the lemon dominated the drink. The coffee taste was on the finish, but definitely not as prevalent as in a traditional iced coffee beverage. The Coffee Soda was delicious and refreshing for a hot summer day!
Espresso + Milk – This latte was very well done! The coffee flavor was strong but not bitter and had a very full body. The foam was smooth and the milk did not weaken the espresso in the drink. Overall, this is a great choice and we will definitely be having it again!

Blueberry Muffin – Moist and delicious, this was an extraordinary muffin. The blueberries were well distributed, lending extra sweetness to the rest of the muffin. This muffin did not rely on the blueberries for all of its oomph. The batter itself was flavorful and held together well. A+ blueberry muffin!
Omanhene Hot Choclate – All we can say is wow! This was a favorite for our non coffee lovers and coffee fanatics alike. The Omanhene cocoa beans definitely put this in a level above your basic hot chocolate. Smooth and creamy, but the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate let you know this was authentic. The added benefit of this genuine chocolate experience was tastiness without excess sweetness, making it a great way to start your day!

Cookie – “This is the best cookie I’ve ever had!” We don’t need to say much more than that, but we will. This was a hefty cookie. Thick and chocolatey, with a dash of salt to help bring out the sweetness. The batter itself was delicious. To top it all off, it was perfectly baked to gooey, golden goodness. 
Iced Spicy Oolong Chai Latte – This drink was spectacular. Some of us were previously not the biggest fan of chai, but this drink won them over immediately. The chai mixed spectacularly with the oolong and had a distinct but not unpleasant spicy finish. Due to the warm temperatures we had it iced but can imagine it would be that perfect cozy winter beverage everyone wants. Overall, we cannot wait to get this drink again!
Iced Butterscotch Latte – This was a nice afternoon latte. The espresso was not super strong, but neither was the butterscotch syrup. This made for a nice, light blend of flavors. If you are not the biggest coffee fan, but want the caffeine kick, this is a great option for you!
Potato Bowl – Yum yum yum! This dish was true to its name. We were delighted to receive a bowl of delicious potatoes. Smashed, crispy, and highly seasoned they were tasty. The arugula on the bottom of the bowl did get a bit wilted from the heat. If it had been on the top or side, it would have added a nice crunch. The fried eggs on top had little seasoning but were well cooked. Their simple flavor was a nice compliment to the potent potatoes. We would order this again and again!
Burrito – What a flavorful burrito! This impressive assortment of chorizo, avocado, egg, arugula, sour cream, and cheese was exactly the thing our reviewers were looking for. Surprisingly spicy, it was still enjoyable for our spice sensitive reviewer. This is the perfect breakfast on the go!

The Steadfast Coffee Roastery works hard to create unique profiles, highlighting each bean’s environment.  Feeling “light” and “dark” are too superficial of terms for the nuances of coffee flavor, Steadfast Coffee Roasters hope their unique beans will push the conversation into the complex flavors and qualities that make coffee what we know and love.  They work hard to make sure they source their beans ethically, taking “origin trips” to the farms.  Once purchases are made, they work to find a quality importer themselves.  This detailed and intensive process allows the Steadfast team to develop strong relationships and feel good about every step of their coffee’s journey to the US.  Besides selling in house, they also provide restaurants, bakeries, and other cafes with wholesale purchasing options, sharing their delicious coffee to all.

Steadfast Coffee


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