Sheratique – Tasting

California native Sheratique Coffee is a sibling collab that embraces the different aspects of the coffee production process from beans to bags. This well-rounded crew has been roasting since 2018, bringing you the coffee that they love and celebrating the positive energy that a good cup of coffee brings.

Today we got to try the single origin Colombia with its tasting notes of dried orange, berry, and chocolate. This is a whole bean medium roast.

The beans are beautiful and they smell robust and fruity, just as advertised!

Espresso Shot – We detected a smoky note alongside the dried orange, which tastes a little dark on its own and makes for a pretty bold shot.

Cardamom Macchiato – a macchiato with a splash of cardamom simple syrup and sprinkled with cardamom really rounded out this drink and enhanced the complexity. This would be something we’d drink at the top of a mountain on a blustery winter day!

Iced Caramel Cortado – Adding some caramel sweetness to this was a great way to compliment the berry and chocolate tasting notes. It’s good to know that this espresso holds its flavor profile even when iced and sweetened!

Where can you find Sheratique coffee? Order on their website below!
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