Goddess and the Baker is a gourmet food-and-drink spinoff of Goddess and the Grocer, a popular Chicago-based sandwich spot. Goddess and the Baker has two extremely popular Chicago locations, and they opened a third location in Brookfield just days ago, so we were eager to check it out!


Right as we walked in, assistant general manager Kris greeted us at the door and welcomed us with a smile!  She handed us a menu and we chatted about what foods and drinks she recommended for us today. She informed us that they’re particularly proud of their Liquid Chocolate, Avocado Toast, and Goddess Cold Brew.

Today the baristas are using a variety of beans: Toro by Colectivo, Kickapoo, and Metric.  Toro by Colectivo has notes of chocolate and orange peel. Metric is roasted in Chicago, and their “high voltage” blend is a private label exclusively for Goddess and has notes of malted chocolate, nutty, and sweet.


Looking around, we noticed that this is not a small cafe. This is spacious and well-lit with a wide variety of seating options. They were on top of their design game with trendy lights and a clean glass-and-subway-tile look. We loved the accents of mint and gold, and there were live greens throughout the cafe.  Heavy Mid-century design and feel. Almost every aspect of this place is totally Instagram worthy! Major natural-light bonus: the walls are almost entirely windows, and this space features a bar-wide garage-door window at the front of the cafe to make the space open-air for summer. Bar-style seating also available in two places.  Music was a little loud for conversation, but the music was pleasant and upbeat. If you’re looking for quieter conversation, there is a coffee table in the back surrounded by a few comfy chairs. Two wifi options were available, as Goddess and The Corners both have wifi coverage.

The space itself is ideal for large groups, as several of the tables fit at least 8 people.  There are lots of smaller tables for 1-on-1 conversation. Maybe not the best place for studying, as outlets for electronics or laptops only seem to be available at the window bar.  


The drink menu here has something for everyone: coffee and espresso drinks, Daytime Cocktails, Juice bar, Liquid Chocolate, Tea, and matcha drinks.

Just to highlight a few of those options, here are a few of the drinks we sampled today:


Caramel Latte – Made with Metric espresso, this tasted exactly as a caramel latte should: caramelly, sweet, and smooth. This drink was warm, but not hot.  Always a bonus on a good latte is the latte art itself, which is the essence of why people immediately reach for their phones to post picture of their drinks. We understand. We do it too.


Liquid Chocolate Buzzed – 2 shots of Metric Coffee’s High Voltage espresso, liquid chocolate, whip and wafer cookie. It’s almost too beautiful to drink, and the boldness of espresso and the smoothness of the dark chocolate really stood out when mixed together. This liquid chocolate is thicker than your average espresso beverage, making it the perfect drink to sip slowly while hanging out with friends. Warning: potential chocolate mustache.


Apple Butter Oat Latte – not overwhelming, but definitely has hints of apple and oatmeal present. It doesn’t overpower the latte itself, and although there’s not a strong coffee presence, it tastes like a mix between apple cider and a latte.


Glitter Gold Latte – This was the drink that first caught our attention when it was announced that Goddess and the Baker was coming to Brookfield. Ordering it for no other reason than the glitter, we didn’t know quite what to expect!  Even on the menu, the description just said “glittery and fancy”. We were surprised that it actually tastes as magical as it looks – sweet vanilla and creamy steamed milk with Metric Coffee espresso. We thought maybe this was what unicorns tasted like. Maybe.   

Update: this doesn’t give you sparkly poop. Low-key disappointing but we’re over it.

Pour Over – Confession: we ordered this mostly for the awesome beaker that this came in.  We were pleasantly surprised by the smooth, fruity taste of this Kickapoo Sweet & Structured blend pour over.  It had notes of maple candy, toffee, and Meyer lemon. We should also mention that presentation was great – served alongside a plated mug and a spoon on a wooden platter.


Cinnamon Plum Herbal Tea – This tea was outstanding. The cinnamon was prevalent but not overpowering, and the plum was a nice finish. The presentation was also very well done. Arranged on a lovely wooden platter with a tea saucer and cup and a small press containing two and a half servings of the tea. If you enjoy tea, this is a must-have.


Goddess’s menu features bakery items, and also breakfast foods, alongside both sandwiches, soup and salads. Here are a few of our favorites:


Caprese Omelette – Fire-roasted tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto and toasted sourdough. The basil pesto topped the omelette and added a very bold flavor, which was enjoyed thoroughly. While the sourdough tasted like your classic toast, the omelette was very full of flavor.  This omelette was not very warm by the time it reached our table, which was our only complaint here.


Avocado Toast – This is a Goddess classic, with toasted sourdough, smashed avocado, cotija cheese, chilli flakes, arugula salad, and sliced radish. You have the option of adding a 6-minute egg on the side. We loved the freshness of this one! It’s no wonder why this is a fan favorite.


Lemon Poppyseed Bread – What made us choose this off the menu? The gorgeous presentation! What would make us order this again and again?  The taste! A perfect complement of lemony sweetness and poppyseed accent, this slice was moist, flavorful, and sweet! The icing was light but still very present, and the garnishes of fruit brought was the cherry (er, blueberry) on top of a great desert!

S’mores Rice Krispies – This was brought home for a family member but fell into the clutches of a hungry dog. However, he looked very happy upon eating it and took the time to unwrap the cellophane. 11/10 good boy.


Coffee Cake Muffin – This was one of our favorite samples of the day. Tasting much like grandma’s famous coffee cake, we fell in love with the  bold cinnamon flavor, and it was a perfect combination of moist and sweet! The only thing that would make this better is a hot cup of coffee to go with it.


Rainbow Cake – Since this is the most Instagrammed dessert that Goddess offers, we thought it would only be appropriate to taste-test this gourmet confection! Besides being extremely colorful and basically a culinary work of art, it was also moist and flavorful as well. The frosting is very sweet and the whip was an excellent garnish. Since it is so sweet, this would be a perfect item to order if you’re intending to share with friends.


Cherry Pop Tart – This cherry pop tart was colorful and intriguing. However, it tasted much like cherry jam in a flaky pastry crust.  We didn’t find a whole lot of “cherry” inside, but more like a drizzly sugar mixture. It was sweeter than anticipated though, so if you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth and want to order a drink on the side, this would be a good choice!


Besides selling bags of coffee beans and packages of teas that they serve in their cafe,  they also sell things like T-shirts, wine, snacks, and mugs. Their classic mint green cafe mug was our hero item on the merch shelf! It so adequately embodies the look and feel of Goddess and the Baker.

At the back of the cafe, you will find 2 unisex bathrooms. Good news for the waste-conscious patron: They have a Dyson airblade for hand drying instead of paper towels.  The downside of that was that the floor beneath the sink was wet! The facilities are clean and maintained regularly. These bathrooms feature style in keeping with the mid-century feel of the cafe, and has a shelf for purses and bags, plunger, frosted door windows, fancy sink and mirrors, small can for feminine products. No air freshener, so if it’s brown – flush it down (quickly!).


The servers and staff here were very attentive of the tables in the cafe.  They delivered our orders directly to our table, and they politely removed our dishes as soon as we were finished without seeming pushy. The baristas were more than happy to chat with us and answer a few questions about their beans and drink options. After browsing their website a little, we discovered that they take their excellent service even beyond the cafe, with options for catering and online ordering.


As we left, Kris thanked us for coming. We are grateful to the friendly staff at Goddess and the Baker! If you’re looking for a new place with great coffee and tons of atmosphere, add this to your list of places to visit!

* * * * *

Location: The Corners of Brookfield, 340 High Street, Brookfield, WI 53045 Map

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 7am – 8pm
Saturday: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 8am – 6pm

Phone: 262.505.6560

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