When we walked into Stone Creek Coffee in Delafield, Wisconsin, We were immediately greeted by the friendly baristas, wishing us a good morning. After a short chat, we learned that they always brew two coffee options for the day, and today they’re brewing their light roast Boneshaker and their dark French roast, along with a third option of decaf. The Boneshaker was a very bright, acidic, and fruity coffee with some flavor notes of lemon and lime. The French on the other hand was quite the opposite, it was very dark and had tasting notes of ash or smoke. It reminded me of camping with the tastes of smoky campfires, and a bit of woody earthiness.  A few of the beverages we enjoyed were Cream City Ice, the Vanilla Bean Latte, and the Mexican Spice Mocha.


Besides their espresso based beverages and their regular drip coffee, they offer multiple brew bar options if you’re looking for a fancier regular coffee. On the spot, they will manually brew for you one of the three featured coffees they recommend, or whatever coffee you desire if you don’t want a featured one. They offer three different brew bar methods: the V60, Clever, or AeroPress. By brewing a manual method they have more control over all the variables that go into brewing coffee providing you a more precise and better coffee.  


This place not only brews great coffee and espresso drinks, but they roast their own beans in the roasterie, home make all their pastries each day, and make their own syrups at their own factory in nearby Milwaukee.


Along the wall is a great selection of coffee and merchandise for purchase. It’s worth noting that Stone Creek Coffee merchandise is extremely well-designed, high-quality, and trendy. They had a great selection of items ranging from mugs and water bottles to smaller items such as stickers and enamel pins.


The cafe itself is very comfortable. This space would be ideal for studying or small group conversation, but not great for meetings of more than 4 people. The background music is just that: background. It’s loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to drown out conversation. This would make a good spot for one-on-one interviewing. We noticed that there were plenty of wall outlets for plugging in electronics on the tables that sit against the wall.


The oversized windows in the front of the cafe let in a lot of natural light, but if you prefer a darker atmosphere there are also tables in the back of the cafe as well. This location features a patio directly in front of the cafe, perfect for iced drinks on a summer day.


The service here is second to none. A few minutes after ordering, their manager Ethan makes his rounds to the patrons here, asking them if he can get them some water. The staff is quick to quietly clean up any empty plates or mugs that we have, and were very mindful of keeping the cafe clean. Rumor has it that it won’t take too many visits until the baristas know you by name! 


All the bakery items available at Stone Creek Coffee are made fresh in the Stone Creek Coffee factory in Milwaukee on a daily basis.

Here are a few of the treats we tasted:


Unicorn Poop Cookie

The Unicorn Poop cookie is unique to Stone Creek Coffee.  It’s colorfully decorated with a plethora of sprinkles, top and bottom.  They change up the sprinkle colors by season, and are made with real cream cheese.  While tasting much like your standard sugar cookie, this is still a delightful treat for all ages, especially when paired with coffee.


Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin

The Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin looks tasty and sweet, but it only had a hint of a lemon flavor, and wasn’t as soft as expected.  However, we recommend ordering this with a sweet coffee drink (we recommend their Blended Caramel) to compliment it!


Ginger Snap Cookie
Chewy and gingery, this was a winner for us! Tasting exactly as you expect it to, it was hard to stop at just one.  For only $1.25, it also comes at a price you can’t beat!

Almond Croissant
If you like croissants and like to share your pastries with a friend, this is a great item to order. We ordered it warm, and it was pleasantly light and airy and delicious. The almond flavor was not overpowering, but definitely present – a great highlight in this pastry.


You might be wondering about the, uh, facilities.  We can assure you that the bathrooms here are very clean and well-stocked! There are two large unisex bathrooms in the back of this establishment, and if you’re one of those people who like to don’t like to touch the door handle when exiting a restroom, you’re in luck!  The paper towels and the garbage can are in a convenient spot for all your OCD bathroom door handle tendencies. If you’re one of those people who like to drop a deuce in public restrooms, warning: there’s no Febreeze.

We had a great morning at Stone Creek Coffee in Delafield.  We’ll definitely be back here!


Stone Creek Delafield
2744 Hillside Drive, Delafield, WI 53018
Located at the juncture of Highway 83 and I-94 in the Hillside Terrace Mall

Monday – Saturday: 6AM – 7PM
Sunday: 7AM – 7PM  

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