Stone Creek Coffee is a famous coffee staple in the southern Wisconsin area, with its 12 Milwaukee-metro cafes,  Madison cafe, and brand-new Chicago cafe.  (Check out our review of Stone Creek – Delafield). While we love them all for different reasons, Stone Creek Radio Milwaukee is unique.  Connected (literally) to  88Nine Radio Milwaukee, the Stone Creek cafes not only kick back to this station on the daily, but share the same vision for creating a better, more inclusive and engaged Milwaukee.  (And a more caffeinated Milwaukee, amiright?)




The bright blue, orange, reclaimed wood and industrial concrete flows over from 88Nine to Stone Creek’s generously-sized cafe. With plenty of tables for both large groups and intimate conversations, it’s not difficult to find a place to kick back with a latte here for awhile.





Our barista today was Roxanne.  It was Roxanne’s birthday, so maybe she was extra friendly because she was in a good mood, but we’re betting that she’s this friendly even when it’s not her birthday.


Jordon was the kind smile behind the register this morning.  Jordon, a seasoned Stone Creeker, was polite and helpful as we ordered up and found a place to hang.   Here are a few Stone Creek drinks we tried today:


White Mocha – The white Ghiradelli chocolate twist on this mocha was a comforting morning wakeup. The Green Bike espresso was not hidden underneath the white chocolate, making this a very balanced, smooth mocha!


Churro Latte – Why eat this yummy Mexican treat when you can sip and savor the flavor in latte form. In comparison to other Stone Creek lattes, we would rate this one on the sweeter side. An added bonus is that the churro syrup is house made.


Honey Cinnamon Latte (Miel) – This was truly one of the best Miel’s I have had in quite some time. The barista’s shots were on point, and she steamed her milk to the perfect temperature.  This creamy, sweet, honey cinnamon latte was a delight to drink.


Macchiato (Right) – We love espresso in tiny cups and Roxanne did a wonderful job with her latte art in such a tiny cup. The espresso was bold and strong and lovely first thing in the morning. It was a bit bitter and we loved having the addition of Sparkling water with our espresso! Who knew?

Cortado (Left) – Lovely bold espresso, perfectly presented on our little espresso flight. The Cortado was absolutely lovely; bold with notes of fruit and chocolate. It was the perfect pick-me-up for the morning; one of our absolute favorites of the morning.

Scarlet Tea – True to its name, this Rishi tea is a stunning color. The flavors of cranberry, cherry, currants, and blueberries are a lovely combination. The tart kick of cranberry and cherry are a lovely finish after the sweetness of the blueberries. Although the steep time is four minutes, if you like your tea a little stronger we recommend leaving it in for about ten minutes.  Rishi Tea, a direct-trade, organic-certified tea company out of Milwaukee, is among the best tea companies in the nation.  If you haven’t tasted the enchanting creativity of Rishi teas, we’d highly recommend that you find out what you’re missing! 


Stone Creek Coffee makes their bakery every day at the factory only blocks away, and there are plenty of options to taste! They’ll warm something up for you too, which is great on a cold winter morning!


Coffee Geek Cookie – Best. Cookie. Ever. Ordered in honor of all our fellow coffee geeks out there, we couldn’t get enough of how beautifully crafted (and undeniably accurate) this sugar cookie was!  It was tasty too – not dry at all, big enough to share with a fellow coffee lover, and it paired well with a latte.


Morning Bun – It’s no wonder that this tasty pastry is a barista favorite. It is layer after layer after layer of flaky goodness coated in sweet cinnamon sugar. One of the best pastry items on the menu!

Almond Croissant – We got this croissant warmed up and that was definitely a good decision! The outside was dry and flakey which paired perfectly with the moist, soft and warm inside. This almond croissant was amazing and there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll order this again.

Cinnamon Pecan Muffin – We’ve tried Stone Creek Coffee’s lemon poppy seed muffin in the past, and we think this muffin surpasses it. The pocket in the center of this muffin contained cinnamon and pecans, and there were bursts of cinnamon throughout. It was also topped with oats, which added a unique texture to the muffin.  



Stone Creek sells their well-designed merch and coffee gear, as well as coffee beans.


When it comes to beans, Stone Creek offers a variety single origins and blends, and we love how they switch things up and offer new things to try every once in awhile.

Stone Creek Radio Milwaukee has tons of outdoor space that will be perfect for those hot summer days or cool summer evenings.  The outdoor fireplace makes it fall-friendly, too!

We’ve found Stone Creek Radio Milwaukee to be consistent with the quality and service of other Stone Creek Coffee cafes.  We’ve got more Stone Creek Coffee reviews planned, so watch out for more!

Monday – Friday: 6:30AM – 7PM
Saturday – Sunday: 7AM – 7PM

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