It’s no secret that coffee and bakery go hand-in-hand, and you rarely find one without the other. It just so happens that we have a small business owner / baker on our reviewing team, so this establishment definitely hit a “sweet spot” with us.



The cafe itself is not large, but pleasantly accented with French features, white honeycomb tile and dark wood paneling.

There are a handful of small tables available. However, in the summertime space is not a problem. With an outdoor plaza right next door, a trip to the bakery can become a family picnic or an afternoon enjoying a latte in the warm summer air.


Rocket Baby Bakery is known for its excellent bakery items, which are baked fresh daily using local sources. We loved to see Rocket Baby Bakery proudly displaying a list of businesses that they work with.


The bakery is onsite, so you’re guaranteed something fresh. This place was surprisingly busy, from both in-and-out customers and people sitting down to chat with a friend over a muffin and a cup of coffee.



Rocket Baby serves Anodyne Coffee, and we tried a few of the menu options to see how Rocket Baby stacks up to other establishments who brew the same beans.


Almond Joy Mocha – We knew what we were getting into with this one, knowing it would be candy-sweet and probably like drinking a melted version of an Almond Joy. We were right! This would be perfect for someone who is really keen on sweet drinks, and who needs the caffeine to wake up in the morning but doesn’t love an overwhelming espresso flavor. The nice thing about ordering this would be pairing it with a bakery item that lacks in the sweetness department.


Ginger Lime Rooibus – This was an interesting tea. The lime flavor almost gave it a 7-Up taste, but with a ginger twist. We did let it seep for about ten minutes, which resulted in a strong but not overpowering drink. And look at those leaves! Rishi Tea has a well-deserved reputation for providing a high-quality product that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve just seeped a tiny bale of hay in warm water.


Cortado – This was a wonderful shot of Anodyne’s Mind Tonic espresso with steamed milk. While the latte art wasn’t present, it was still a good shot of espresso, and paired well with the pastries we ordered.





Rocket Baby Bakery excels at providing variety – there’s something to appeal to everyone’s palate here, whether it’s an artisan bread or a sweet treat.


Monkey Bread – The bread is as good as it looks, maybe even better. It’s a large serving to indulge in or share with the whole table. Very moist with incredible flavor. One piece just won’t be enough so maybe you won’t be sharing it with your friends after all.


Breakfast Sandwich with Bacon – Served on a fresh ciabatta bun, the scrambled eggs are topped with cheese and a generous portion of bacon. We ordered the sandwich with lemon aioli which added the perfect amount of flavor. We had a feeling the bread would be great, but everything about this sandwich was great!


Cinnamon Roll – There are a lot of great cinnamon rolls out there and this one should be added to the list. This moist pastry is smothered in frosting and neatly packaged. It’s just another way to treat yo’ self at Rocket Baby.

Pain Au Chocolate – This Pain Au Chocolate was so delicious! The lamination of the pastry was absolutely beautiful with light delicate layers of pastry. The flake was absolutely perfect, and the chocolate was a delectable, wonderful addition to the flaky pastry.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin – A classic muffin, the lemon poppy seed was delectable. Dense and moist, the lemon flavor was lighter than expected, but it still combined nicely with the poppy seed taste. This would be a must-have with a lightly sweetened latte.

Raspberry Danish – Absolutely beautiful lamination on the pastry for this Danish, the flake was exceptional. The raspberries were tart, which paired perfectly with the sweet cream inside of the pastry. We would definitely order this again alongside a Cortado or a drip coffee from Anodyne.



The beautiful shelf of fresh-baked bread was enticing, and we bought a loaf of sourdough bread for later. We don’t want to call ourselves out for splurging, but we can tell you that it did not last until later. Whoops.


If you’re in the market for a gift card or some merch, you can find them here at Rocket Baby Bakery! If you’re in the mood to bring sweet treats to the office or get a bite with a friend, (or down an entire loaf of bread in your car on the way home) this bakery and coffee shop is a great find in Tosa.



6822 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213
414-502-7323 |

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 6:30am-5pm | Sunday: 7am-2pm

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