In our biggest review yet, we bring you our experience from Stone Creek Coffee’s location on Downer Ave.  What makes this location special is their onsite kitchen, walk-up order window, and large outdoor patio.


Garage door windows, canopy lights, umbrellas and plenty of seating make the patio a perfect place to sip a drink in the summer.


The coffee-to-go window is ideal for the pedestrian on the go. We’re digging this concept, which was repeated in their new Chicago location as well.


On the other side of the coffee-to-go window is barista headquarters, where the staff slings espresso nonstop at this bustling location.

The cafe here is well designed and very, very large.  Three indoor rooms with creative seating elements means there’s plenty of room for customers to meet with a group or get work done solo.


Did we mention how much we love garage door windows!?  In the warm months, this indoor/outdoor space means plenty of fresh air without risk of a farmer’s tan.


This kitchen specializes in gourmet food that is responsibly sourced and artistically plated.


Before you keep reading, we need to warn you that we splurged a bit. We ordered so much that we had a hard time fitting it all onto one table, and we couldn’t have been more excited about it!  It was kind of like Stone Creek Disneyland…


Macchiato- An excellent shot of espresso with beautifully steamed milk, we love when baristas manage to put any kind of art in a teeny-tiny cup. Well done, Sam.



Cortado – A very smooth shot of espresso combined with steamed milk, the temperature on this cortado was perfect. It’s definitely one of our favorite drinks to order and we weren’t disappointed.


Bee’s Knees Latte – What’s the buzz? Simply subtle and smooth. A touch of honey paired with smooth espresso makes for a great latte. Try this one off the seasonal menu before it’s too late!


Tropical Cold Brew – Kinda like the coffee version of a Piña Colada, the almond syrup mixed with the pineapple juice and ROYGBIV cold brew creates a unique flavor that you can’t help but keep sipping on! Also, they shake it up which creates a nice layer of foam and adds a little extra fun to this already fun drink!


Lemon + Rose + Pistachio Yogurt – Even non-yogurt fans will love this!  This interesting combination blends together perfectly into quite a delightful taste despite what some may expect. Points for presentation, and the candied lemon on top adds to the aesthetic.

Waffle Doughnut Bites – 
Who doesn’t love doughnuts and waffles? These sugar coated waffle doughnut bites were delicious. It came with a nice fruity compote that added a tang to the sweet waffle doughnuts.


Classic Waffle w/ Maple Syrup – You can’t really go wrong with a classic waffle and maple syrup. Their waffle recipe is super tasty – soft inside and crispy outside. This isn’t just an ordinary waffle; it meets Stone Creeks standards of having “True Quality”. 

Side of Bacon – This bacon is the bomb. It’s super crispy yet still chewy. We had this side with our classic waffle and it tasted great because sweetness of the waffle and the salty bacon was a killer combo.


Caramella – This is a classic caramel latte. Smooth and creamy, the steamed milk is blended so well with Stone Creek’s Green Bike espresso. Regardless of the warm weather, this still satisfies!



Iced Mexican Spice Mocha w/Oat Milk – We love the Mexican Spice Mocha because you get the smooth chocolatey taste but also a hint of spice. The spice isn’t overpowering at all. For an alternative milk, oat is perfect because it’s very creamy which is a great balance with the chocolate and spices.



Blueberry Lavender Lemonade – Crush the summer heat with this delightful lemonade! Our first time trying this, but it won’t be the last.  The refreshing blueberry twist was accented with a hint of lavender but still your classic lemonade. It’s important to note that this wasn’t sugary or super sweet, which made this taste amazingly fresh.

Bacon + Gruyere Quiche – A fresh slice of quiche comes with a side of arugula salad. This quiche was loaded with bacon and tasty cheese.



Bacon + Egg + Cheese Sandwich – An all time favorite! Perfectly cooked egg, thick cut (locally sourced) bacon, and aged cheddar cheese. It’s topped with arugula and herbs and sits nicely in a tasty brioche bun. You can also order this with sausage!

Berries + Granola Yogurt Bowl – This house made yogurt is adorned with fresh berries and crunchy granola. Very filling, this morning entree will lead you feeling satisfied and your taste buds will be singing.

Salted Caramel Brownie – Double dip on indulging with this twist on a classic brownie. Incredibly MOIST and not too sweet. Treat yourself because you won’t have time to share it.


Waffle – A great morning treat for the young and young at heart. Indulge with this waffle dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with a rainbow of sprinkles.

Iced Caramella – Always a favorite, this iced caramel latte does not disappoint.  The familiar Stone Creek quality is consistent in this drink, and it was a thirst-quenching companion to our rather excessive (in a good way!) food order today.




If you choose to visit Stone Creek Coffee on Downer Avenue, please come hungry.  We don’t think you’d regret it, even if you leave as full as we did!

To read about more Stone Creek Coffee locations, you can also read our reviews of Stone Creek Coffee – Delafield and Stone Creek Radio Milwaukee.


Stone Creek Coffee – Downer Ave. 

2650 N Downer Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Phone: 414.210.3686

Cafe Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 5:30AM – 9PM

Kitchen Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 6AM-4PM


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