Anodyne – Mequon

Hot off the (Aero)press, the newest Anodyne location opened its doors in June, and it’s creating quite the buzz – and we’re not referring to the monochromatic honeycomb tile wall. Located in the thriving Mequon Public Market, this place is a nice departure from the average suburban strip-mall coffee shop. 




Classic red Anodyne accents are complemented by the live succulents, concrete countertops and vintage fans (playing off iconic collections unique to each location).

We’re pretty familiar with Anodyne’s coffee, and we’ve already reviewed the Bay View and Wauwatosa locations.  Today we tried some of our favorite Anodyne drinks to see how they measure up in consistency to the our previous Anodyne experiences.


Caramel Iced Latte – This is one of our absolute favorite Anodyne drinks, and we’re happy to report that it’s consistently delicious at all Anodyne locations we’ve checked out.  No regrets here!


Cortado with Honey –  Espresso so flavorful and smooth, this drink met our expectations for a wonderful cortado!


Peppermint Mocha – Beautiful blend of peppermint and mocha in this beverage. Even though it was a million degrees outside it was such a delightful treat, and we enjoyed every sip.



Macchiato – Anodyne espresso is usually very smooth and full of flavor but this was on the acidic side. There could have been an issue pulling the shot, because normally this drink is great! 


Brownie – Full of chocolate and so incredibly moist, this was a total winner with our kiddos. He ate it in about two bites, but absolutely loved those two bites.

Confetti Sugar Cookie – Sourced from Batches bakery in Milwaukee, this cookie tasted like a delightful birthday cake in cookie form. Chewy and delicious!


Double Chocolate Cookie – Sourced from Batches bakery in Milwaukee, doubly chocolate but not doubly sweet. The sweetness is offset by the rich dark chocolate. 


Cherry Dumpling – This pastry sourced from East Side Ovens is a balance of tart and sweet.  This cherry filled dessert is moist and flavorful. It’s a great breakfast treat for July during cherry season.




Playing off the popularity and character of the Milwaukee Public Market, Mequon differs in that it offers a generous amount of space and seating at each store front, including Anodyne. The outdoor plaza is a balance of shade and sun, so there’s a seat for everyone this summer.


The Verdict:  With consistency going strong in both taste and design, we can’t help but wish for Anodyne to continue to expand.  We hope to see more cafes like this in the ‘burbs someday soon!


***UPDATE*** Anodyne at Mequon Public Market has closed its doors in 2021.


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