Notice: as of April 2019, Batches has closed their storefront shop but is still available for wholesale ordering, catering, and at various establishments throughout the Milwaukee area. Visit for details.

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We love birthdays.  In honor of their 1st birthday, we’re bringing you a glimpse of Milwaukee bakery/coffee shop, Batches.  Owned by Dandan pastry chefs Jaceleen Latin-Kasper and Linda Thai, this little shop has a great location and a bright, fun vibe. 


Although not a huge cafe, this place is ideal for picking up something to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your caffeine addiction.




Batches is located in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward on East Erie street, making it just down the road from some of Milwaukee’s best restaurants and shops.

We loved the incorporations of wood and industrial concrete, combined with live houseplants and little vintage accents throughout the cafe.  It made it feel like a place where you could be comfortable for two hours talking with a friend, or just two minutes to grab a cookie.



If you’re looking to hang out here, there’s window bar seating and 2 tables available. Huge windows let in tons of natural light, and a few outlets are available to power your laptop.  Our barista today, Jordan, was friendly and directed us toward drinks he thought we’d enjoy. 


Batches serves Anodyne coffee, and their homemade syrups were an absolute win with the Mind Tonic espresso. 


Lavender Latte – Jordan told us that all the syrups are made in-house, which we were eager to try!  There’s something about a good homemade syrup that gives the drink a more authentic flavor. In this latte, the homemade lavender was present but not overpowering. A great drink, especially for relaxing on a chilly day!


Honey Latte – This did not disappoint!  Served in an adorable vintage cow mug, this latte had delicious honey sweetness that didn’t compete over the Mind Tonic espresso blend, but balanced it nicely.


Caramel Latte – From the first sip I could tell that this caramel latte was unique.  The homemade caramel stacks up to the best out there. This smooth, well-balanced latte was perfect on a chilly morning in the city.


Although we get really excited about the drinks, obviously coffee isn’t the main event here – and with fun and unique bakery items ranging from colorful cookies to gourmet deserts, there’s something for everyone!


Iced Oatmeal Cookie – The Iced Oatmeal Cookie will bring you straight back to your childhood. The snap of the crunchy oatmeal cookie topped with a thin glaze of royal icing leaves your taste buds wanting more. If you love cookies but are getting sick of your ole’ chocolate chip ones, I would definitely recommend this.


Cheddar Scallion Scone (Left) – This scone accurately accented all that was in it. If you love cheese but hate the dense feeling some cheese pastries leave you with, this scone might be perfect for you. The light flavor of cheese, paired with a shy taste of scallion, mixed in the buttery, fluffy scone is the perfect small snack to munch on.


Tomato Mozzarella Scone (Right) – Tastes like pizza… but in a scone! Not dry or overly moist, but very well balanced. Would definitely get again!


Confetti Cake – The texture in this party-colored slice of cake is dense but smooth. The frosting is not super sugary sweet, so you could enjoy this with either a sweet drink or a black coffee and you won’t be on sugar overload after all is said and done.  It’s worth noting that this slice is generous! We love that it’s substantial enough to share with friends, but delicious enough that you won’t want to. Bonus points for amazing presentation, and Scooby Doo plate!


Strawberry Almond Cheesecake – This looked too fancy to eat, but I assure you we did not let that stop us.  This cheesecake was packed with strawberry and almond flavor, and the garnish on top added a lovely crunch that complemented the creaminess of the cheesecake. This would be perfect with coffee or on its own.


If you’d like to take a little Batches fashion home with you, there is merchandise available!

Don’t forget to stop by Batches today and wish them a happy birthday!


401 East Erie Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207


Tuesday-Friday – 7am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday – 8am-3pm

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