Alderaan Coffee is a multi roaster coffee bar located on Water street in Milwaukee. Conveniently located at The North End neighborhood on the lower east Side, Alderaan is a good place to meet up with a few friends or get some work done while getting caffeinated. It’s also within walking distance of some of Milwaukee’s best restaurants and attractions.


Alderaan’s heavily industrial vibe is complemented by lively green succulents, herringbone wood tabletops, burlap backdrops, and its famous honeycomb panels.  This cafe is well armed with outlets, so it’s great place for working solo and plugging in a laptop.

Bar seating and small-group tables are available, and large bar-to-ceiling windows give you a view of the up-and-coming apartment neighborhood.



Our barista Casey let us try some of the drip coffee today, a Kenyan from Evans Brothers Coffee in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Smooth and clean,  it had tasting notes of peach and molasses.  


Here are a few of the drinks available at Alderaan:


Lavender Latte – Alderaan makes their own lavender syrup, and we were excited to try it!  The lavender was very authentic tasting, making the drink warm and comforting. The perfectly-pulled shot of Imperial blend espresso was strong but not overwhelming, and we think this would be any lavender-lover’s dream order.


Salted Caramel Latte – This was a very well done latte. As you have already read, Alderaan makes their own syrups, which makes the salted caramel latte very tasty. It was very well balanced between the sweetness of the caramel and the bitterness of the espresso, with a detectable salty hint.  It was also very warm, and the beautiful latte art makes this drink picture-perfect. 


Rocket Fuel – Ordered on recommendation of fellow coffee-fan Rick, we tried the Rocket Fuel.  A combination of Imperial blend espresso, brown sugar, cinnamon, and cream, barista Casey said it was somewhat of a “secret recipe” at Alderaan. Iced and delightfully sweet, this was a very dimensional drink that will kickstart your day and keep you going for hours. Thanks, Rick!


The bakery items at Alderaan are sourced by Honeypie Bakery in Bay View.   Specializing in more than just cookies and breads, Honeypie also offers an amazing variety of pies and cupcakes.


Today we tried a few of their bakery items:



Chocolate chip cookie – This size-of-your-face cookie was a steal for the price, and was big enough for all of us to share. Loaded with chocolate chips, it was amazingly moist and chewy. Well done, Honeypie bakery! This is definitely something we’ll order again next time we visit!


Orange Poppyseed Bread – We love lemon poppyseed anything, so when we found out that they had orange poppyseed bread we were a little sad.  When we tasted it the sadness was melted away! The orange was not overpowering but present. The glazed outside protected the moist bread. Very well done, and we would definitely recommend it, both on its own or as a companion to a pour over. 


Alderaan makes their own granola and yogurt. You can buy it by the pound or enjoy some in-house.  It’s also available online HERE!


If you’re a tea or soft-drink lover, you’ll be happy to know that you will be sure to find something in the non-coffee category to sip on.


Speaking of things to sip on, this is something we have not yet encountered on our cafe-reviewing adventures:



Coffee gear and Alderaan merch are available for purchase. If you can’t make it into the store, you can check out their selection online!



We are happy to have discovered Alderaan.  This is another great coffee spot for Milwaukee, and one worth checking out if you haven’t already!



Alderaan Coffee
1560 N Water St.
Milwaukee WI 53202

Weekdays: 6am – 6pm
Weekends: 7am – 6pm

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