**UPDATE: 1863 Coffee Saloon is closing as of August 2020**

Open since April 2018, 1863 Coffee Saloon is the brainchild of husband and wife barista team Kodi and Rachel Volpano. Knowing that there were no shortage of bars in the area, they aimed to do something different in the community. Named in honor of the historical Eagle hotel/saloon, they preserved the building’s legacy but put a unique coffee-cafe spin on it.  

When the southern branch of the Milwaukee & St Paul Railroad came through the town in 1851, the small town of Eagle developed into a bustling area of business. A historic hotel and saloon was built right off the tracks and nearby the train depot where patrons could hitch up their horses or find a place to rest.


(Pictures above are property of https://www.vi.eagle.wi.gov)





The first thing we noticed, besides the period-appropriate decor, was the amount of space and seating available here.  This isn’t a place you go to with fingers crossed that you’ll be able to score a place to sit. 1863 Coffee Saloon is equipped with plenty of tables and accommodations for parties of all sizes, and even some saloon-style bar seating.



Antique details and mixed wood paneling give this shop the feeling of stepping back in time, allowing one to envision what the space could have felt like over 150 years ago.

1863 Coffee Saloon brews Anodyne coffee, and today they offered  four blends: Mind Tonic espresso, 1863 House, Atomic, and decaf Fool’s Gold.  


Oat Milk Honey Latte – Made with oat milk, Anodyne’s Mind Tonic Espresso, and Zeez Bees honey, this was a sweet and smooth drink.  The natural sweetness of the oat milk enhanced the honey nicely. The espresso was present in the drink, but this could easily be ordered with another shot if you like your drinks strong. 

Mocha – This was a very sweet beverage. This chocolate was very prominent and kind of overtook the espresso flavor. This was hot but not tongue-burning. I would recommend this drink for someone who wants the benefit of espresso but not an intense espresso taste.


Cortado – Absolutely delicious shot of Anodyne’s Espresso lightly topped with steamed milk. Our barista even did a great job making some beautiful art, which we know isn’t easy with such a small shot!


Lavender Latte – This drink had an excellent balance. Not too sweet, this had a nice lavender flavor that was present but not overpowering. We’re glad we decided to forego the paper cup here, we loved this antique mug!


Caramel Latte – Smooth and consistent, this is exactly what we’d expect from a latte made out of Anodyne’s Mine Tonic espresso. The 1883 syrup gave this drink a sweet caramel kick, which complemented the espresso’s milk chocolate tasting notes.  


Hot Chocolate – Smooth and creamy but not too sweet, this hot chocolate would be a nice addition to any meal or on its own to warm up your day.   




The bakery items available are made both onsite by 1863 Coffee Saloon and sourced from Sally’s Sweet Shoppe


Brownie – On a normal review, we order our food, snap a picture, and dig in.  Some things look way too good to have to wait for a picture, and this was one of those things.  While the photo doesn’t capture the accurate size and presentation of this brownie, the bite marks should give you an indication of how delicious it was! It was big enough for one person to eat or two people to share. We were surprised to find WHOLE OREOS IN THERE. This pretty much made our morning and we fell in love with this brownie. This will definitely be on our plates when we come back. 



Caramel Cupcake – This beautiful little cupcake made our mouths water with its generous caramel frosting and caramel drizzle. Excited to dig into this, we discovered another little surprise – it was also filled with gooey, amazing caramel! Our biggest regret here was that we didn’t order a 1863 House Blend coffee to go with it. We won’t make that mistake next time! 

Oatmeal – The oatmeal was delightful! It was warm but not sear-your-tongue-off hot. It was topped with blueberries and freeze-dried strawberries, which was a delicious addition. Then it was drizzled with peanut butter and mixed with brown sugar, adding a very nice flavor. This was a lovely breakfast dish that did not break the bank!

Aside from bakery and coffee selections, 1863 Coffee Saloon also offers all-day breakfast food and lunch options such as sandwiches, paninis and salads. 


This coffee oasis in the small town of Eagle is a great discovery, and legit place to get a good cup of coffee. Make sure you swing on by and check it out for yourself! 

201 Kettle Moraine Dr, Eagle, WI 53119, USA

Monday-Friday  6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday  8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


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