This Anodyne location in the Village of Wauwatosa has been open since 2016. Classic wood features with unique lighting and subtle but intriguing design features grace this small traditional storefront in The Village. 



Maximum table seating is three with most tables seating two people. Each table has electrical outlet access for electronics. Not especially great for large groups, but from previous summertime journeys here we can confirm that this location has some great outdoor seating spaces – both in front and in back of the building.



Today Anyodyne is serving their Brazil Fazenda Primavera and Mexico Chiapas Grapos. The beans are locally roasted at their Walker’s Point location in Milwaukee. Along with their coffee, they’re also offering special fall drinks, bakery items from Le Rêve down the street, a Chocolate Pairing menu, and a list of their standard coffee, tea, and chai drinks.  




Our baristas, Aaron and Alex, were very friendly, helpful and informative! Worth mentioning: they also had latte art skills that would dominate in a throwdown.


Chocolate Cap Flight – We ordered the Chocolate Cap Flight from the Chocolate Pairing menu as recommended by Anodyne’s own Robert Reitman. It was a great recommendation!!  With a perfect hint of sweetness and a rich, bold flavor, this delicious cappuccino is served with sea salt caramel and nutella truffle chocolate bites from Niemann’s Candies right next door. These bites provide a punch of sweetness that pair perfectly with the boldness of the cappuccino.   Bonus points for amazing presentation on this awesome wooden board.



The Chocolate Pairing menu, in partnership with Neimann’s Candies, features 3 espresso drinks that are paired with a selection of chocolate confections. We couldn’t recommend these enough!


Pour over V60 – Made with the Brazil Fazenda Primavera, this pour over has a tea-like feeling in your mouth, with floral and vegetative taste of pears at first, and finishes off with a nice hint of cocoa. We loved this!            


Molasses Latte – This absolutely tastes like dark, sweet molasses without making the drink taste sugary or candy-like. Perfectly proportioned with espresso, the molasses flavor offers great depth to the drink. This was very comforting, almost like tasting autumn in a latte!


Caramel Latte – This is a classic favorite of ours! This caramel latte is smooth, strong and tasty. We love that Anodyne is so reliable and consistent with their drinks. Whether it’s iced or hot you know what you are going to get each time!


Iced Bee Sting – A bit on the sweeter side, but definitely not sugary sweet. This agave + vanilla latte was definitely a win for us. One of Anodyne’s strengths is that their beans taste just as good in iced drinks as they do warm! We couldn’t stop tasting this, and this will be on our list of things to order again and again in the future!


Hot Cocoa Creamy and chocolaty, this little drink was perfect for the pre-coffee drinkers. We loved that it was fair-trade!



Every morning, Le Rêve in the Village of Tosa delivers freshmade bakery items to Anodyne.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone! We witnessed how quickly these items sell out, and for good reason.  Luckily we got to try a few items before they were gone!


Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie – Loaded with chocolate and lightly sprinkled with sea salt, this had a perfect texture: soft but stiff enough that it holds together and barely crumbles. Big enough that you can share with a friend, but delicious enough that you won’t want to!


Apple Turnover – This beautiful pastry was bursting with apple pieces! It’s almost too beautiful to eat, but we ate it anyway! This was flaky, buttery goodness that we couldn’t get enough of.


Croissant – Extremely moist and flaky, this is exactly what you look for in a great croissant.  Made fresh every morning, it is reminiscent of visiting a small Paris bakery at sunrise. This croissant pairs well with the Molasses Latte.


Anodyne had coffee beans for sale, as well as several merch items such as mugs, water bottles, and apparel.  


We never thought in a million years that it would be necessary to take the camera into the restroom of an establishment, but today was a first.  This Anodyne has two bathrooms, one of them family-sized, featuring vintage typewriters on the walls atop black and white deco wallpaper! After skimming their Instagram (@anodynecoffee) we realized we aren’t the first people to bring a camera in here.


Anodyne sources beans to hundreds of coffee establishments across the nation, but if you haven’t tried their coffee at this Anodyne location in Wauwatosa, we encourage you to try it both in the cool months and during the summer. The beautiful cafe, their bold high-quality coffee and the funky typewriter bathroom are just three of the many, many reasons to visit this place! (Say hi to Aaron and Alex for us!)

7471 Harwood Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Open Daily – 6:30am to 7pm

(414) 930-0469

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