SmallPie – Bayview

In honor of Pi Day (3.14) we visited SmallPie by Honeypie, a Bayview counter-service cafe, that specializes in small-batch pies both savory and sweet. The cafe is a focal point in a neighborhood just off East Oklahoma Avenue made of small local shops and modest homes.



Inside this cozy cafe you’ll find windows full of plants and succulents, a handful of tables, and a counter fully stocked with coffee beans, beverages and bakery items.


Southwest Black Bean Hand Pie – We got this warmed up, which is essential to enjoying this savory vegetarian hand pie. This was a great breakfast packed with seasoned black beans, corn, tomatoes, and green peppers in a buttery, flaky crust.  Who needs a breakfast burrito when something like this exists?


Milwaukee Mud Pie – This was a very generous slice of Oreo crust, chocolate mousse, and whipped cream. A chocolate-lover’s delight, this might be rich enough to allow your friends to sneak a bite as well or be a dessert feast for a small family. 


Orange Poppyseed Cake – We snuck a non-pie item in here because it looked irresistible! Although the orange was almost undetectable, we loved the almond flavor and moistness! Not what we were expecting, but we loved what we got!


Apple Hand Pie – A significant serving of tart apples folded into a flaky crust. You might need two hands to hold this one! One recommendation, heating it up would probably take it to the next level.


Anodyne Pie House Blend Coffee – This bold yet smooth tasting medium roast was exactly what a coffee drinker would expect when ordering a blend from Anodyne. A winning combination when ordered with a sweet treat! 


Pilcrow Nitro Sweet and Creamy – Tasting undeniably Pilcrow, this trademark beverage paired well with our breakfast this morning. We’re looking forward to the warm months when the garage door windows are open wide and we can enjoy this drink on the patio! 


2504 East Oklahoma Avenue
Milwaukee, WI, 53207
United States


Daily: 7am-8pm

Open Christmas Eve until 2p,
Closed Christmas,
Open NY Eve and NY Day

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