Java Twist – Tasting


Locally made, Java Twist has developed two cold brew bottled beverages. With a combo similar to an Arnold Palmer, these drinks are made with small batch cold brew instead of tea.



We loved that the ingredient list was short. Water, lemon juice concentrate, real sugar, and cold brewed coffee. This weighs in at about 170 calories a bottle.  Unless we just need to hit the gym, these don’t seem to be twist-off caps, so have a bottle opener handy!



The lemon version of this drink was sweet enough to balance out the cold brew. In fact, we were anticipating a bit of a syrupy taste but that wasn’t the case.  It was sweet as lemonade should be, but balanced well.  To our delight, the cold brew taste was a very compatible match for the lemonade and was not bitter or sour.  It reminded us of an espresso + tonic with a lemon twist without the carbonation.   We have heard of this described as refreshing, and we concur.  Serve chilled, and don’t be afraid to add a lemon wedge!



The limeade version of this drink tastes undoubtedly, well, lime. We are happy to report that this one still tastes balanced, and the tartness of the lime did not create sour notes in the cold brew coffee. Again, serve chilled or over ice.  We recommend you put a few of these in the cooler for your next picnic.


Where can you buy this?  Contact Steve directly via phone or email, or order a 4-pack from the Java Twist website.  And hurry, summer is coming!
(414) 469-9173

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