The National Cafe – Milwaukee

On the corner of South 9th Street and West National Avenue in the Walker’s Point neighborhood, The National Cafe is a colorful and cozy spot to get some coffee and a bite to eat.




The cafe itself is picturesque, with its cream brick walls, dark wood features, unique use of lighting and vintage accents. 


Live plants and real flowers adorn the tables, adding a very elegant touch to the space.


Although the kitchen is small, the menu is not.  The breakfast, sandwich, and soup menus provide gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan options. The drink menu goes beyond just serving Anodyne coffee.  Italian soda, lemonade, tea, and other non-coffee beverages are also available.


Naturally, though, we migrate to the coffee. Anodyne Coffee has a great reputation in the community for being delicious and flavorful, so this was our chance to see how The National Cafe pulls their shots

Mexican Mocha – I loved how each flavor was present. You could taste the espresso,  mocha, cinnamon, and also a presence of some spice like cayenne which gave a bit more kick to it. Personally I would’ve loved a more coffee-forward taste but that’s nothing an extra shot can’t change. Would definitely recommend this, with or without the added shot!!


Caramel latte – This is a solid latte with the emphasis on caramel. It’s a sweeter version of this classic favorite. Anodyne’s Mind Tonic espresso did not disappoint and we always appreciate a little latte art. 


Lavender lemonade – with a fresh-squeezed taste a pleasant lavender balance, this is a relaxing summer drink for the season. This is the drink of the month – a great pick for July! 


Lemon and Chocolate Macaroons – These are only two of the macaroon options, and while these didn’t taste as light as some of the macaroons we’ve tried in the past, these sweet little snacks were a hit with the kids. 


Breakfast Slider with a side of fruit – Don’t be confused by the name. This “slider” is a full sized breakfast sandwich. Fresh scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese on a flaky croissant make this a winner. 


Marble Cake – Moist, sweet and simple, this is a great companion to a caramel latte. 

Croissant – Just a good ole traditional croissant! Nice crispy outside which broke into a soft pull-apart inside. All in all a great croissant!


Check out The National Cafe – it’s time to catch up with a friend over breakfast or lunch and a good cup of coffee!


The National Cafe


Tuesday – Sunday
7:30am – 3:00pm

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