When we heard about Kickapoo Coffee’s limited edition XO Box, we didn’t hesitate to order one.  Good thing too, because they’re now sold out! This box pairs two great things:  a 12 oz. bag of Limited Release Peru Marcelino Chinguel coffee, and a 2.12 oz. bar of Peru Marañón 75% cacao chocolate from Ritual.  With only slight delays in shipping, it finally arrived on our doorstep!


This is the description from Kickapoo Coffee’s website:

“The limited release XO Box pairs two unique and exceedingly rare single origin varieties of coffee and chocolate from Peru for your tasting pleasure. With rich stories and dynamic flavor profiles, this is one pairing that won’t disappoint.”

It’s beautiful pale plum packaging was very appropriate with Valentine’s Day being just behind us and the anticipation of spring waiting right around the corner.


Ritual Chocolate, a company based out of Park City, Utah, is a small-batch, handcrafted bean-to-bar company.


Here is the description of this bar from Ritual’s website:

“Made with pure Nacional cacao, one of the most genetically unique beans in the world. The Peru bar is as complex as it is delicate and exceptionally smooth. Tasting Notes: Floral, Herbal, Toasted Peanuts & Stone Fruit”


This award-winning chocolate bar bears a resemblance to the Peru Marcelino Chinguel, with it’s floral tasting notes and smooth finish. We couldn’t wait to pair them together!


We loved reading the backstory of Marcelino (read more about him on Kickapoo’s website!) and learning how far these coffee plants have come since Marcelino’s school field trip in the 1970s,  – and now their beans are in our mugs in the good ‘ol US of A.


First, we took note of the beans. Consistent in size and shape, they were not overly fragrant but had a pleasant, sweet smell.  Once ground, they gave off a floral-heavy aroma that smelled almost tea-like and delicate.


We first tried this as a pour over, paired with the Ritual Marañón 75% cacao bar. The floral notes of the chocolate paired wonderfully with the floral notes of the Peru Marcelino Chinguel. Beyond that, the chocolate enhanced the notes of sweet honey found in the coffee, giving the feeling of enjoying a sweet treat.

We couldn’t help but notice how exceptionally flavorful this coffee is – probably the most flavorful coffee we’ve ever tried. This would be a coffee that could convert a tea-lover with it’s bright, floral and fruity tones.  There was no bitterness or dark aftertaste. This was a sippable delight that was very wisely paired with a quality chocolate bar.  Another bonus: We also had this as a cold brew, and it was just as enjoyable!


This box is sold out, but you can still pair these great items by purchasing them separately.  The coffee is still available for purchase HERE, and the chocolate is available for purchase HERE.

(Psssst – Don’t forget to check out our review of Kickapoo Coffee in Milwaukee’s Third Ward)

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