This 1940’s gas station in a rural town in the Kickapoo River Valley doesn’t serve “gas station coffee”. Revived into one of the best specialty coffee shops in Western Wisconsin, Kickapoo Coffee in Viroqua is both a nod to the nostalgia for Viroqua and a lively community coffee spot.


Plenty of covered outdoor space and repurposed flower plantings make this place a picturesque small-town oasis. We’re in love with the garage door windows, making this open-air on a warm day!



Inside, Carly greeted us and took our orders while Juniper hopped on bar and quickly began slinging espresso.


We’re not-so-secret fans of Kickapoo Coffee; we’ve reviewed Kickapoo Coffee in Milwaukee’s Third Ward and some of their specialty coffee offers, and our experiences always exceed our expectations.  Not only is the coffee exceptional, but they are consistent with their standard of excellence in their values, staffing and product and cafe design.



While their style and quality is consistent, their menu is slightly different.  This was exciting for us, as we were able to try something new!



Salted Caramel Iced Latte – Refreshingly smooth, the tasting notes of cherry and caramel were easily detectable in Kickapoo’s Organic Full Spectrum. The salted caramel flavor was present and well-balanced.  No sugary overload here, which means we could easily get away with pairing it with a sweet treat.



Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookie – What goes better with a Salted Caramel Iced Latte than a Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookie, right? This was a dynamite combo! The cookie was moist, packed with chocolate chunks, and filling. The salt sprinkles were a perfect touch to a perfect cookie.



Cortado with Honey – Okay, we realize it’s summer but we can’t give up our cortados! It’s a problem, really.  Top secret information: whenever we get a cortado with honey, we ask for 8 grams of honey.  We tend to like the honey presence to be a little stronger in this drink. This cortado was full-bodied and bright with no hint of bitterness. Not all honey drinks are created equal, and this one was superb. The Top Note Tonic is one of our latest obsessions, so we loved that it came as a pair!


The cafe itself is maximized for space without feeling cramped.  You can find a private booth, a table for two, window bar seating, or even a large group table. Clean lines and light wood furniture make this space feel open and relaxing. Celebrating summer in full swing with fresh flowers!


302 South Main Street
Viroqua, WI 54665

(608) 638-7701

Every day – 7:00am to 5:00pm
(Kitchen closes at 2pm daily)

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