Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s business district, Sojourner Mobile Coffee is dedicated to both third wave coffee and practicality.  Sharing spaces with Artisan Ramen, a business located a block away from the Northwestern Mutual campus, Sojourner seeks to maximize both space and creativity.



The definition of sojourner is one who resides temporarily in a space.  With their mobile coffee station capacities, they can be booked for private events or park at various locations around Milwaukee as well.



Matt, founder of Sojourner, credits his travel experience as the inspiration for the unique drinks offered. Lattes inspired by Taiwan, Mexico, and Japan are among their most popular drinks.


Sojourner serves Valentine coffee.  We’re no strangers to Valentine’s coffee selection, so this was welcome news!


Valentine Drip Coffee – Tasting so undeniably Valentine, we found this to be a great pick-me-up.  Smooth, bold and not bitter, we weren’t disappointed at  all with this one!


Tarote – If you’ve never tried Taro in any capacity, then this one may surprise you.  Taro is a root vegetable that resembles a purple sweet potato and carries a pleasant sweet flavor.  This tasted very authentic and exotic, and was a huge hit with the kids in tow as well.


Oaxacate – Made with Abuelita Mexican chocolate and a kick of cayenne, this drink is a nod to Mexican culture and cuisine that can be enjoyed in your own backyard.


Machate – You can’t go wrong with Rishi, and their matcha powder makes this a sure hit for any matcha lover. With the many health benefits of matcha tea, you can drink this guilt-free!



Location: 530 E. Mason Street
Milwaukee, WI
(Inside of Artisan Ramen)

7-11 AM weekdays


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