Tinker Coffee Co. and The Occasional Bakery – Tasting

Tinker Coffee Co. located in Indianapolis, Indiana, focuses primarily on one thing: roasting quality coffee beans. They do not operate a cafe (yet!), but instead choose to focus solely on the beans. They not only specialize in roasting, they focus on providing education to the end user. Their website and blogs are filled with incredibly helpful information from best brewing methods, to the history of coffee and the unique influences that different geographical regions have on coffee. If you’re ever in the Indy area, don’t hesitate to swing by the roastery for cupping classes on Saturday morning for $15 a person. 


Tinker offers monthly subscriptions on their website. We ordered samples of their Finca Santa Isabel blend from Guatemala and also their Zing Blend which is best for espresso and cold brewing. We paired all of our beans with some delicious bakes from The Occasional Bakery.


Zing is a Guatemalan and Ethiopian blend that’s ideal for cold brew and espresso.  With notes of chocolate and dark fruit, Tinker recommends this for shots of espresso or blended with milk.


Produced by Luis Valdes from Finca Santa Isabel in the San Cristobal Verapaz region of Guatemala, this coffee is balanced and sweet, with rich notes of toffee and spice.


Two things we love:  Excellent design and stickers!  They sent us this with our order, and it made our day!  (It’s the simple things, people…)


They also included this card, with a promo code on the back.  Use the code EXTRACT to receive 25% off your first month’s shipment of monthly subscriptions of 2, 3, or 4 of their 12oz bags of coffee.


Espresso Shot – We started off with a straight shot of Tinker’s Zing espresso. Our Coffeebloggermke baristas pulled this shot nicely and we were able to taste a full flavor profile. No doubt about it, this was an ideal espresso blend.


Cortado – The espresso was beautifully bold and we could definitely taste notes of fruit. While this is solid on it’s own, it also paired wonderfully with the sweet treats we tried today!


Caramel Latte – So smooth and creamy, this shot of espresso made with Tinker’s Zing blend tastes great with milk!  We added a shot of homemade caramel to sweeten the deal. 


Pour Over – This was one of our favorite ways to enjoy this single origin Santa Isabel.  We could definitely taste the toffee and walnut together in this pour over; it was absolutely delicious, and a perfect sidekick to our bakery samples today.




Iced Coffee – As summer is starting to rock out in Wisconsin we know we’re going to be enjoying many more iced lattes. This latte was perfectly balanced with the Zing beans, and a very refreshing drink that highlighted the fruity notes.  

Norwegian Julekake – The bakery items today were provided by The Occasional Bakery, and we got things started with this huge cake ring flavored with cardamom and featuring a cranberry and orange filling. This size-of-a-steering-wheel dessert was topped off with an apricot glaze and drizzled with a vanilla icing. We enjoyed a huge slice of this with the cortado and it was a great pair. 

Cinnamon Roll – Incredibly soft with amazing swirls of cinnamon and sugar and topped with cream cheese frosting, this cinnamon roll is everything you could ever ask for.



Cherry Tarts – These adorable pastries consisted of lemon-flavored shells filled with cherry vanilla bean custard and topped with a lightly toasted Swiss meringue. The slight tartness of the cherries combined nicely with the custard’s subtle sweetness. This tart brought out the lovely notes of fruit from our pour over. This would make an excellent after-dinner pairing. 



Apricot Knots – We’re a little obsessed with these knots. They not only look beautiful with their shiny apricot glaze, but these knots were so soft and had lovely chunks of apricot throughout from the homemade apricot spread. This is the perfect morning, afternoon or anytime bun.




Raspberry Star – Layers of thin dough and homemade raspberry jam make up this beautiful bread. Adorably twisted into a star, the bread was soft and highlighted the generous layers of jam and slight sweetness of vanilla icing. 

Orange Cardamom Cake – This cake features layers of a soft orange and cardamom spice cake, with an orange curd in the middle and a Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. Topped with a homemade macaron, this little cake was the perfect end to our tasting. A wonderful sweet treat that tastes delicious alongside a cortado, and is a perfect size – you won’t have to feel guilty about not sharing with friends. 



Tinker Coffee Co.

1125 W 16th St
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 438-5728

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