Brand new coffee restaurant Interval is truly the new kid on the block. With its bold white exterior and smoky dark trim, this should be an easy find for a patron looking for somewhere to enjoy a good cup of coffee.  However, Interval goes way beyond just a good cup of coffee.


Created by designer Samantha Stratman, Interval’s clean sleek white bar is welcoming and highlights the beautiful modbar espresso system. The bar area is open and airy which leads up to intimate seating areas on the upper level. Mid-century modern seating, lighting and decor feature wood grains, white surfaces, gold accents, and live greens. Large vintage windows let in plenty of natural light.


We loved that this space was multi-purpose. Whether you’re studying alone on a chilly winter day or getting a drink with a large group of friends, this location would meet your needs perfectly.




Ryan Hoban and Travis Cook are second to none in the industry.  They paired up to give you an exciting twist on both the coffee and dining worlds, and we were blown away.

Ryan, owner of Pilcrow Coffee just a few blocks down the road, is state-of-the-art in his expertise of the coffee industry, and he is passionate about bringing you the best coffee in the world in a uniquely modern way.  Besides being an amazing barista, he exudes kindness and hospitality.


Travis, a Michelin Star Restaurant chef from San Francisco who recently relocated to Milwaukee, has had vast experience in the restaurant industry, and his knowledge and expertise are a very welcome touch to the coffee biz. With a friendly smile, he concocts unique, gourmet menu items that give patrons a new experience when they visit Interval. Shying away from your standard bakery and items, we had the privilege of tasting his totally amazing and instagram-worthy concoctions.

The menu was well thought-through and offered several classic coffee options, combined with some new adventurous ones, both for drinks and food.


Espresso – Storyteller blend, Mbogo Gicherori Kenya, Rodin Villatoro Guatemala

Filter Coffee – Storyteller blend, Mbogo Gicherori Kenya, Francisca Chacon Costa Rica

Signature – Brazilian Lemonade, Pistachio Cappuccino, Spiced Coconut

Nitro – Storyteller Cold Brew, Sweet & Creamy Latte, Spiced Chaider



Pistachio cappuccino  |  pistachio milk, storyteller blend espresso, meringue  

This isn’t your normal sugary cappuccino. The warm boldness and dark chocolate notes are great on their own, with the prominent espresso taste really being the hero of this drink. It is paired with a sweet serving of meringue and pistachio that offers a light nuttyness that compliments this bold drink.  Made with pistachio milk, this is a rich, creamy, yet not overwhelmingly sweet cappuccino.


Brazilian Lemonade  |  fermented lime, coconut milk, espresso

We’re not going to lie, we did not have high hopes for this. However, upon tasting it, it instantly became our favorite beverage. The coconut milk really brought out the lime juice. The espresso was a delicate addition, but complemented the lime and coconut beautifully. A fresh and delicious drink – a must-have for your visit!




Storyteller Espresso  |

This well-balanced espresso was not pungent or hard to swallow. It tasted like dark chocolate, red fruit, and bright citrus, with after tastes of black tea. Plus it came in this adorable tiny black mug! 


Spiced Chaider  |

We’ve had this Nitro chilled and it was amazing, but this time we had it warmed. The sweetness and tart notes from the cider blend perfectly with the Chai tea it’s infused with. It makes us think of warming up next to the fireplace on a snowy winter evening!



Kenya Pour Over  |  The Mbogo Gicherori Kenya was the pour over we tried; we loved watching the pour over process. They first warmed up the filter and then the Poursteady machine perfectly blooms the coffee before settling in for the perfect cup of pour over coffee. Poursteady is a pour-over coffee machine combining precision motion-control with unprecedented speed and reliability. Perfect for a busy coffee-shop!


The Kenya was a bold flavor with hints of dark chocolate and a nutty finish. We loved that the pour over is served with a reserve flask for a lovely warm up halfway through your cup.

Banana bread  |  chocolate, oat milk, raw honey

We loved this unconventional take on Banana Bread! This generous slice had large chunks of chocolate throughout, and had a lovely warm burst of banana in the middle. Although the bread itself didn’t have a huge banana flavor, paired with the warm banana in the middle and the lovely salty undertone it was the perfect compliment.


Cookie  |  burnt white chocolate

This cookie was a perfect balance of sweet and salty wrapped up in the flavor of white chocolate. There was absolutely no dryness to this cookie – it was reminiscent of sneaking a taste of cookie dough when grandma was baking cookies! 


Liquid cheesecake  |

Light, sweet and creamy, this deconstructed cheesecake dessert is topped with fresh and dried apples, meringue, gingerbread, mint leaves, and anise.  This unconventional cheesecake was such a delightful surprise! We loved tasting the individual elements to distinguish the flavors, but combining all of these unique flavours together was a complete hit. We definitely recommend this unique treat.  

Biscuit w/ Sausage  |  apricot mustard, buttermilk, salt, sausage

This was a total crowd pleaser; this fresh, warm buttermilk biscuit was paired with an apricot mustard, which was a sweet yet delicately spicy surprise! It really emboldened the generous portion of sausage, which was made in-house and tasted delicious. The biscuit was crumbly, but easy to hold and very tasty! We highly recommend pairing this breakfast biscuit with the Brazilian lemonade.

Cannellini Beans  |  salsa verde, mirepoix, balsamic and housemade sausage  

While it’s admittedly an out-of-the-box breakfast, we absolutely loved it. The warm smell of anise from the sausage hits you first, and then as you dive into the soup, the warm broth is perfect for the cold wintery mornings that we’re heading into. The soup was packed with flavour from the sausage, verde and hints of balsamic. Of course this would be a hit for lunch or dinner as well, but this is a breakfast that will keep you feeling full all morning long.

Oatly Parfait  |  granola, seeds, Pilcrow storyteller blend

Again, another hit with us.  Light and healthy, this creamy parfait was packed with grains and granola, dehydrated apples and bananas, and creamy oatmilk yogurt. Interval has found another use for coffee, as it’s also one of the ingredients in this yogurt! The hint of Storyteller Blend is subtle and classy, making it taste sophisticated and energizing. We recommend still pairing this with coffee though, because – well – coffee.


If you’re a fan of Pilcrow coffee, you’ll be happy to know that they have it for sale here! If you don’t know which one to choose, Ryan and Travis would be happy to help you find a blend that you’ll love!


Should you try this place out?  If you like coffee, yes.  If you ever eat food, yes.  We couldn’t be more excited about our Interval experience!


1600 N. Jackson St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Daily 7am-3pm
Wednesday-Saturday Nights 5-10 Drinks & Food
From the minds behind @pilcrowcoffee
Read our Pilcrow review


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