A charmer on Brewer’s Hill, Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern is one of the latest food and coffee establishments to hit the Milwaukee scene.  Open for only a few weeks, this place is already a hot spot for coffee lovers and foodies alike.


Wolfgang and his wife Whitney have created a unique atmosphere that echoes throughout the beautiful cream city brick building.  It’s historic tavern ambiance is brought to life with dark wood features, marble tabletops and white penny tile, highlighted by vintage light fixtures and nostalgic tavern seating.  (And true to historic tavern life – Wolfgang, Whitney and their little boy live right above the restaurant!)



From the inside, you get a great view of downtown Milwaukee, and a stunning view of the sunrise if you’re there early. If you’re not able to get seated right away, there’s a very comfortable waiting area available, or you can browse the attached Orange and Blue Co., a curated shop of women-produced goods owned and operated by Whitney.


Despite being a busy cafe, the service was amazing.  The waitstaff was quick to refill water glasses and keep our table clean. Our waiter, Evan, was able to offer great suggestions and immediately made us feel comfortable.

Coming from a background in education and training baristas in the coffee world, Wolfgang has surrounded his business with expert baristas who make great drinks.   We were pleasantly surprised to discover that they brew Anodyne coffee, which is one of our absolute favorites!

They offered us a taste of their drip coffee, Uncle Wolfie’s Blend, which is a blend from Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia. The drip coffee was some of the best we’ve tasted. It was bold but with little to no acidity. While we only sampled a small shot of this drip coffee, we definitely see going back and ordering it so we can enjoy the roast more fully. 


Latte – One of the things we typically order is a Latte. This was one of the best lattes we have ever had. The espresso was very flavorful but without a bitter aftertaste and the presentation was outstanding. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes lattes that are not super sweet! If you love a stronger espresso flavor, you should absolutely consider ordering this with an extra shot…which is what we did, and it enhanced our latte experience even more! 


Macchiato – This was so rich and smooth! Anodyne espresso tastes so strong in this drink, and not at all bitter or acidic tasting. Plus the mug is so instagrammable and the art is on point! We’d order this again for sure.


Caramel Latte – Just to test the waters on how their flavored lattes hold up – we found this to also be delicious!  This solid latte was modestly flavored and smooth. The latte art did not disappoint!


Cortado – This was probably one of the most beautiful drinks they brought us this morning. The strong shot of espresso was paired beautifully with the warmed milk. The espresso was beautifully balanced and once again Anodyne’s impeccable roasts do not disappoint us.


Uncle Wolfie’s offers breakfast and lunch options on their menu.  For any of you with kiddos, you’ll be interested to know that this place is child-friendly, and a kid’s menu is available to both order from and color on.


Enticing social media posts about Uncle Wolfie’s menu items had been popping up all over the place, so we were eager to give it a try.


Biscuits and Gravy with Tavern Potatoes and Sausage – When we were seated, we chatted with the server about some of the more popular dishes they provide. His overwhelming response was the biscuits and gravy. After tasting it we can see why it is so popular. The biscuits were rustic with a crunchy exterior and a moist inside, the gravy was bountiful and not heavy but had no shortage of sausage. We paired this with their tavern potatoes which were some of the best potatoes we have ever had, and a side of sausage.


The sausage is made in Milwaukee and felt genuine, with plenty of flavor and a little bit of spice. This was a perfect post-New Years breakfast and we will definitely partake in it again.


Candied Bacon Granola – This was a generous serving of granola and yogurt garnished with crispy bacon. The delicious surprise inside is delicately-sweetened apples with cinnamon. This dish is so flavorful, it is like eating apple pie for breakfast without feeling guilty.


Belch – This sandwich was a total hit! The eggs were cooked perfectly, the bread was lightly toasted and cut into nice thick slices. The sambal aioli was the perfect blend of creaminess and added a wonderful touch of spice to the sandwich. While the presence of tomato and lettuce was not overwhelming, we’re wondering if summer-ripened tomatoes would add more depth to this sandwich. The total triumph of the whole plate was definitely the Tavern Potatoes. These round smashed yellow and purple potatoes were perfectly cooked and seasoned. We’re in love!



Peanut Butter and Jelly Stuffed French Toast – Thick slices of challah are sandwiched between a blend of creamy peanut butter, cream cheese and a tangy blackberry gastrique. The bread was grilled to perfection and was so soft we didn’t need a knife to cut into it. If you’re a fan of the classic PB&J you will love Uncle Wolfie’s take on it. The only thing we would add would be a small side of syrup or the gastrique for added sweetness to this delightful breakfast.


Breakfast Burrito – The presentation of this burrito was very well done, topped with salsa and a very classy drizzle of cotija. Wrapped in a flour tortilla that held everything very nicely, it was packed with tender pulled pork, well seasoned scrambled egg, and sweet potatoes which added a unique flair to this savory dish. It was also a very good size;  hefty but accomplishable. Beware though! If you like to hold your burrito, the cheesy drizzle will make things messy.


Besides food and coffee, Uncle Wolfie’s also serves beer, cocktails, soda, cider and juice, so there’s sure to be something on the menu for everyone! We highly recommend putting Uncle Wolfie’s at the top of your list of places to check out.



234 E Vine St
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

Mon-Fri – 7am-3pm
Sat-Sun – 8am-3pm

(414) 763-3021

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