We’ve visited the Valentine Coffee Tasting Room before and loved it, so we had high expectations when we traveled to Valentine’s other location in Drexel Town Square in Oak Creek, WI.   Drexel Town Square is a lively new retail, commercial and residential community that benefits greatly from the presence of an amazing coffee spot.

The first thing we noticed about this beautiful building is that there are garage door windows and extra outdoor seating for the summer! Being suckers for open-air cafes and natural light, we’re excited to come back this summer for an iced drink on the patio. 

Inside this place is just as stunning as the exterior. Natural wood features, tons of live plants, and gold metal accents make this place look sleek yet comfortable. The natural light is fantastic.  There are several 4-person tables, but also lots of solo seating available as well up at the bar or at the window.


Besides coffee, alcohol is also available here. We loved the bar-cafe hybrid atmosphere here, several TVs allow you to watch the game while sipping a drink.


What makes this place even more unique is that there are two levels of seating!  The upper deck has a few tables and gives you an awesome view of the cafe.  This is ideal for private conversation or for the introverted studier. You can still catch the game from the deck – there are more televisions on the second level, and still plenty of natural light.


The first face that greeted us when we walked in the door was Vanesa, one of Valentine’s highly skilled baristas. We asked for her drink recommendation, and she suggested the Cortado. She has had cortados from all over the world and she thought we’d love it.  She was very friendly and helpful, and she brought it right to our table when it was ready.


We were very impressed with the friendly and attentive service here, and the baristas frequently cleaned up empty dishes and quickly wiped up countertops.



Cortado – This cortado was made with their Espresso Dolce blend. This layered, lively espresso features a rich mahogany crema and a sweet, enduring finish.  Having no sweetness at all brings out the smoky notes in this drink. This is 2 ounces of espresso and 2 ounces of milk, so it’s not like taking a straight shot of espresso, but it packs a delightful punch!  To anyone who goes really bold and strong with their coffee tastes, this is definitely worth a try!


Vanilla Latte – We also ordered this when we visited the Milwaukee Valentine location, and we were very pleased by the consistency in this drink. Subtly sweet and creamy, there is still a strong and smooth espresso presence that we love and appreciate in Valentine’s vanilla lattes.


If you’re looking to buy beans, there are plenty of options! Valentine has a large selection that’s sure to fit any coffee fan’s tastes.

We can’t wait to visit this cafe again, and next time we’ll order lunch!

To read our review of Valentine’s Milwaukee location, click HERE.

1 (414) 405-2280

7981 S 6th St.
Oak Creek, Wi 53154

Sunday – 7a-7p
Monday-Friday – 6a-7p
Saturday – 7a-7p

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