Located in the heart of Wisconsin in the town of Nelsonville (some of us may have had to look up Nelsonville on a map), Ruby Coffee Roasters first caught our attention when we noticed it mentioned in the New York Times,  Sprudgeand Gear Patrol’s list of The 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America.  With all the high praise, we didn’t want to miss out on trying this coffee! 


On the back of the packaging it reads, “Sublime, animated coffee stir within us a sense of awe and astonishment.  They are the result of a combination of incredibly hard work, focus and aligning stars; they have soul.  We are driven to find the most compelling coffees from earnest, inspiring producers.  Here in Wisconsin we develop roast profiles that reveal and celebrate these qualities.  Humbly and colorfully, RUBY.” 


We tried their Creamery Seasonal Blend – a blend of Colombia Cauca El Macizo and Colombia Buesaco. They roast three days a week, and turnover time from roasting to shipping was quick. We were immediately drawn to the the sleek red and white packaging – when we opened the bag, the aroma of the beans immediately filled the room.   So far, so good, Ruby.


The beans themselves had a very very rich cherry flavor, with notes of honey and chocolate. After grinding them up, the smell of cherry was strong and vibrant, 


In the initial sniff test we detected honey notes, but it wasn’t until we tasted with a little sweetener (we highly recommend a touch of honey with this!) when they honey notes came ringing through. Despite its bold aroma and taste, it was not bitter at all.


We tried this as espresso, a pour over and a cold brew.  It was one of the most flavorful cold brews we’ve tasted, and these beans made a deliciously smooth and strong espresso shot.  Adding steamed milk and a dash of Monin caramel syrup turned it into a killer latte.  We can definitely understand the Ruby hype!

We did reach out to Ruby with a few questions, and customer service response was quick (like less than 30 minutes).   At the moment, you can buy this coffee online through their website and Facebook. This gem (pun intended) from central Wisconsin is soon expanding to include a cafe in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, that we can’t wait to review!


Check them out online at

(715) 254-1592

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