Rochambo is nestled in the colorful and vibrant Brady Street community. They have been a staple in their community for over 20 years focusing not only on investing in the community around them, but also providing ethically and ecologically sourced products. Their focus to bring their customers only the best products was noticeable as soon as we walked into the cozy cafe.


The cafe offers two floors with lots of unique tables and seating areas for groups both big and small. The style inside is very eclectic and no space goes wasted here, artistically speaking, whether it’s doodles or drawings on the walls or statuettes perched on available ledge space.




We loved the focus on artistry on the walls and as you head up the stairs to their inviting second floor, where there’s more seating and plenty of natural light.



You definitely won’t get bored visiting Rochambo several times: their menu of Coffee, tea and adult drinks is massive, making it a great spot to stop throughout your day no matter what you have planned. They are also open until midnight each night, which we love – it’s never too late for coffee!  And speaking of coffee…



Rochambo serves Valentine Coffee!  This was exciting to us, as Valentine is one of our favorite coffee roasters in the Milwaukee area.   The menu itself here is a little daunting (or perhaps adventurous is a better word?) and there were lots – LOTS – of options.   It’s a tea-drinker’s paradise here, and you can buy a cup of tea or take home some loose leaf, whichever you prefer.  Today though, we stuck with coffee.


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Mocha – No surprise here, the Valentine Espresso Dolce shines through on this accurately-titled mocha. We loved the touch of sea salt that was detectable down to the last sip.


Cortado – The espresso was a delicious pull for the shot. While it may not be as artistic-looking as the table, the cortado was still lovely: a bold taste with hints of cocoa and layered berries.


Slick Willie – Made with Hazelnut Espresso Vodka and Rumchata, a blend of five-time distilled Caribbean rum with Wisconsin dairy cream and flavored with cinnamon, and vanilla, this creamy drink hits both your coffee fix and your liqueur tastes.   Rochambo’s menu is packed with creatively crafted adult beverages!


Peace Latte – This drink hit the mark when it comes to a solid vanilla bean latte. Sweet and smooth, the Valentine Espresso Dolce worked it’s magic and did not disappoint. We should note that this paired well with the vegan and gluten-free bakery options!


Their bakery items are sourced from Silverland Bakery and Bunny’s Bite. Bunny’s bite offer’s both gluten free and vegan options, so they have something for everyone. All of their syrups, teas and baked goods are organic and free from pesticides, GMO’s and high fructose corn syrup, striving to offer only good-for-you food options.



Twisted Mountain Cookie – This disappeared quickly, despite being big enough to share. Chewy and chunky, this was delicious and the saltiness from the pretzels were a great touch!



Peanut Butter Cookie Bar – This vegan, gluten-free and organic cookie bar was a bit pricey (but a huge shoutout to the sweet barista who kindly notified us of the price up front so we weren’t surprised when we purchased it!) but it exceeded our expectations, and we quickly understood what made this cookie bar so special.  With high-quality ingredients that are sensitive to almost any special diet, this was not just gourmet but also delicious.


1317 E Brady St,
Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 291-0095
Monday – Friday 7:00AM – Midnight
Saturday 8:00AM – Midnight
Sunday 9:00AM – Midnight

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