Overlooking Lake Michigan, in the city of St. Francis, sits a little piece of Oaxaca, Mexico, in the form of a coffee shop.  Family owned and operated from bean to cup, the owners of La Finca use beans grown from their grandfather’s coffee farm in Oaxaca. A trip to La Finca will transport you to an exotic, authentic, Mexican coffee experience.



La Finca’s website describes themselves as “A local coffee shop with faraway flavors”, and we couldn’t agree more.  During our time at La Finca, we couldn’t help but continuously come back to the word “authentic” to describe our drinks.   Handmade crafts and textiles line the sale shelves, including some Spanish Milwaukee gear.   You’ll find plenty of seating here, whether it’s for a group of two or ten. In the warm months, outdoor seating is also available, allowing you to sip some joe while overlooking the park and onto Lake Michigan.



The menu at La Finca has something for both the play-it-safer and the adventurous coffee drinker.  You can find teas, smoothies, juice, sodas, and traditional coffee drinks – you can also find housemade creations that will make you feel like you’re in a small town cafe at the foot of the mountains in Mexico.



We were eager to delve into the House Creations options. With some of our blogging crew having lived a short time in Oaxaca, these were sure to bring back some memories!



Mexican Mocha – This drink consisted of Finca espresso with Abuelita chocolate, cinnamon, and a dash of cayenne pepper.  It was topped beautifully with whipped cream. The cayenne gave this drink a hearty kick, and combined well with the flavorful sweetness of the drink. The biggest surprise was a cinnamon stick at the bottom!

We can’t go without acknowledging our love for the presentation. Bright, handmade Mexican serve ware? Uh, yes please!


Finca Espresso – A very roasty tasting shot of espresso, this had more of a dark flavor; no fruity or citrus notes but a dark cocoa, sitting-by-a-campfire kind of shot. We did note the lack of crema here.



Latte Horchata – A pleasantly sweet and creamy drink with a heavy cinnamon presence, the Finca espresso and housemade horchata make it a very authentic twist on a traditional latte. Another surprise cinnamon stick lay on the bottom of this drink, making it feel a little like Christmas. This is one house creation that you must try!



Latte – The roasty flavors of the Finca espresso paired very nicely with steamed milk. Not overly strong where we would want to add more milk or syrup, but strong enough where you could clearly taste the coffee. Perks for getting some art in a cup not ideally shaped for latte art!


Coco Macchiato – Made with Finca espresso, coconut, and coconut milk, this was thankfully not a syrupy drink.  The sweetness of the coconut milk stood out and made for a silky, creamy drink. 

Bacon and Egg Croissant – Out of the many options we chose the croissant which was very flaky. The eggs were seasoned and the bacon crispy. We also chose the side of fresh fruit. This breakfast sandwich is easily customizable and a great deal. It’s worth noting that the food at La Finca was reasonably priced and portioned generously.

Sausage Egg and Cheese – Our second food order was a sausage, egg and cheese croissant.  A well-seasoned sausage patty combined well with the peppered egg and cheese. Again, well worth the price and it was delicious.  The fruit made for a great sidekick to this breakfast sandwich.

Caramel Empanada – We had to try an authentic Mexican bakery treat, right?  The crust was light and packed full of smooth caramel.  It’s big enough to eat alone or share with a friend.



If you need to get away without actually getting away, La Finca is a great place to do that.

(414) 394-0722

Saturday – Sunday: 8am to 6pm
Monday – Friday: 7am to 7pm

3558 E Sivyer Ave
Saint Francis, Wisconsin 53235

La Finca on FACEBOOK

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