Red June Cafe – Milwaukee

**UPDATE: Red June Cafe is now closed**

Just off Cathedral square you’ll find the bright, cheerful Red June Cafe.  The vibrant red door and white window flowers make this cafe pretty hard to miss among the businesslike atmosphere of downtown Milwaukee.


This small cafe is a good space for getting work done or getting coffee on the go.  Here you’ll find mostly seating for one or two, but if you’re lucky you can combine tables for a larger group.


The wall-sized windows let in some great natural light in the morning! They’re reminiscent of a little New York City cafe, lined with window bar seating and high bar stools.



The coffee served here is Austria’s Julius Meinl, which is roasted in Austria and shipped to the Red June Cafe locations (You can also find Red June in Bucktown, Chicago). We were eager to try it, since none of us had tried this particular coffee before.


Here are a few of the drinks we tried this morning:


Macchiato – We ordered a 4 shot macchiato. The espresso has a very strong taste and is a little more on the bitter side, so just be aware when ordering multiple shots. For some of us, this brought back memories of some of the European coffees we have tried while traveling overseas. 



Matcha Lemonade – Very refreshing and not too sweet.  It tasted like something we’d turn to on a hot summer day.


Nutella Latte – Sweet and chocolatey, this latte is sure to be a hit with any Nutella lover. If you don’t need an intense espresso detection in your drink, this would be a perfect drink.

Mocha – This was a pretty standard mocha that paired well with the food items we ordered today.


Alongside their coffee and espresso options, they also served Rishi tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, Italian soda, and a variety of smoothies.  Bonus points are awarded for this colorful, vibrant menu board!

While Red June offers drink options to satisfy anyone’s taste buds, what really stood out to us was their breakfast and lunch menu items.  We loved that many of the menu items were served as a meal, with a side of fresh fruit.  There were plenty of options, so even picky eaters could find something to enjoy.


Cobb Breakfast Burrito – Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, turkey and blue cheese! What’s not to enjoy? The eggs were super fluffy in this burrito, but Red June doesn’t have a full kitchen, so they got pretty creative by using precooked bacon and scrambled their eggs using the steaming wand of the espresso machine! The blue cheese in this burrito really stood out, so if you’re not a blue cheese lover we suggest a breakfast sandwich instead!


Caprese Avocado Toast – This toast was excellent. The bread was spread with fresh avocado, then topped with generous chunks of capers and chopped tomato. The vinegarette drizzle added the perfect amount of flavor to this order.


Bacon, Egg and Cheese – You get the option of building your own sandwich here, and we loved that it was reasonably priced and served with a side of fruit.  The croissant was moist and flaky, and the cheese was melty atop the espresso wand-scrambled eggs.  A few lovely pieces of bacon added a little burst of flavor in this sandwich.


This would be a great place to stop around mealtime or for your morning drink of choice, and definitely worth a try for the health-conscious eater.


771-773 N Jefferson St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: (414) 800-7906

Monday – Friday: 7am to 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am to 1pm

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