Don’s Diner & Cocktails – Milwaukee

WARNING:  This is not a coffee shop.  In honor of the Milwaukee Bucks’ playoff run, we decided to forego the coffee and switch to milkshakes this week.  Keep reading; you’ll find out why.

Don’s Diner & Cocktails is a classic mid-century diner with a nod to the memory of Don Gersonde, World War II veteran, Milwaukee Police Captain, and grandfather of SED partner Aaron Gersonde.


The decor is on point with its vintage tiles and woodgrain walls lined with succulents.  Black and white photos and oldies tunes take you back in time during your dining experience. 


Aside from about 10 diner tables, there is also bar space available and a Party Room called the Naughty Angel with a capacity of 35 persons for rent.


The menu is what caught our attention – cakes, shakes, pie, and tasty diner food – and something so intriguing we just had to try it out!  But first, breakfast…



Pulled Ham Benedict – This order consisted of brown sugar smoked ham, english muffin, celery root & green apple slaw, poached eggs and hollandaise.  An outstanding breakfast, the ham was tender and moist. The egg combined nicely with the english muffin and the slaw was a pleasing touch and added flavor and flare to the meal.



Bananarama – This baked french toast was topped with peanut butter, bruleed bananas, maple syrup, and peanut butter marscapone. Delicious and very sweet (and very filling!), the peanut butter flavor was not as present as the bananas but still a great pick.


Breakfast Salad Bowl – What you see here is Arugula, barley, toasted pecans, fennel & caraway dressing, roasted tomatoes, carrots, red onion, avocado, and a poached egg. This was a great combination, save for the tomatoes. The dressing tasted vinaigrette-like and the barley added some texture and proved to be quite filling.  The mix was pleasantly carrot-heavy, which added a lovely crunch to the salad. The egg and avocado were the proverbial cherries on top of a great meal.



Blu Blu Lemon – Trying a slight twist on a traditional favorite, this was a stack of fluffy pancakes drenched in lemon maple syrup. The fermented blueberries are baked in and sprinkled over and a dollop of mascarpone tops off the plate.


Regular Drip Coffee – Props to Don’s Diner & Cocktails for sourcing their bottomless cup of coffee from Stone Creek Coffee. Since they put so much thought into their drinks in this establishment, it only makes sense that they would carry that through to the coffee they serve.



Oreo Shake – Don’s Diner & Cocktails is famous for their innovative boozy milkshakes that entice patrons to grab their phones to snap a picture before delving in.  Our first choice was The Weekender, which is a shake topped with a donut, but they informed us that the Weekender is not available on Fridays, so we swapped for this one and we were glad we did!  The delicious slice of Oreo Cheesecake paired nicely with the Oreo shake below, and was enough to drink on your own if you’re really hungry, or with a friend if you’re willing to share. 


Bucks Shake – And now for the reason we came: The Bucks Shake! Pretty ecstatic that they served up a milkshake that matches our excitement of the Bucks’ playoff run, this boozy drink was topped off with rich fudge truffle balls and a delectable custom sugar cookie that pleases the toddlers in tow and celebrates the home team.  FEAR THE DEER! 



Don’s Diner & Cocktails
1100 S. 1st St
Milwaukee, WI
(Walkers Point)


Wednesday -Thursday & Sunday 9am-9pm
Friday – Saturday 9am-10pm

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