Kickapoo’s Colombia Lucas Melo – Tasting

Surprise! This exclusive, limited release Kickapoo gem was available for a single, pre-order only roast on April 21st, and it’s coming back for a surprise second roast! We couldn’t be more excited about trying out this #7 COE winner, and even more excited that we get to share it with you.  Don’t delay in the pre-order though, it will only be available through Sunday, June 2nd!


Produced by coffee farmer Lucas Melo from the El Cairo farm, this is some of the best coffee in all of Colombia. Dry fermented, washed, and raised bed dried, this process creates a smooth, unique tasting experience.


Opening this bag immediately filled the room with a vibrant aroma.  This is off to a great start!



We prepared this as a pour over – one of our favorite ways to taste new coffee – in hopes of getting the full flavor profile in our drink.


With tasting notes of kiwi, honeydew and pear cider, we certainly could taste the tart kiwi tones and sweet pear cider finish.  This coffee was bolder than we expected but still had a smooth and almost tealike quality; perfect for these warm summer mornings on the front porch (which is where we enjoyed it!)


We love that Kickapoo Coffee was kind enough to share the farmer’s story with us, giving us the chance to appreciate Lucas Melo and his hard work to bring us great coffee.

This coffee won’t be available for long – place your order HERE! (Father’s day is coming, people.)


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