Far, far away, in a tiny two-street town on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, sits a rustic little cabin.  We found this cabin by chance – while staying in a rural area of Eastern South Dakota we did a Google search for “coffee shops near me”, with 99.9% certainty our search would be in vain.   But…


Popping up on the Google search was something a little bit unbelievable. The town of Osceola barely appears on the map, and has only a school, some grain elevators near the railroad tracks, and a handful of homes. And Aerís Roasting Company, apparently.


Intrigued by this, we decided to give it a shot.  We will admit that we even had to stop to ask for directions at one point, but what we found at our destination was a tiny cabin with a big surprise inside.



Immediately we were greeted by Shawn and Brandon, two brothers who started experimenting with coffee roasting using a popcorn popper in their basement.  That soon led to purchasing a small roaster and making coffee for their friends and the surrounding community.  From there, Aerís Roasting Company was started in 2015.


Their basement coffee roasting hobby soon turned into a legitimate business; the brothers invested in high-quality equipment, connected with coffee farmers and dedicated themselves to push the limits with what was once the norm in the coffee industry of rural South Dakota.



The details of this coffee shop are all custom and handmade.  From the concrete countertops to the ceramic pottery diner mugs (yes, they’re also into pottery, folks!), these brothers have truly pieced this business together themselves, and done a darn good job at it.



Their menu caught our attention right away.  One of us has a pretty big Kombucha crush, so trying that was inevitable…



Tumeric Cinnamon Kombucha – This Kombucha on tap was flavored beautifully, and was one of the smoothest and best-tasting Kombuchas we’ve had.  It was tart, effervescent, and pleasantly (but not excessively) spicy.


Watermelon Lavender Kombucha – We weren’t expecting to love this unique flavor pairing as much as we did.  It was absolutely amazing! The flavors blended perfectly and tastes so refreshing and delicious.  This would definitely be our favorite go-to summer staple if it weren’t 600 miles away from home!


Teardrop – This handcrafted drink consists of three parts: Wisconsin maple syrup, milk, and espresso. Meant to be consumed as a shooter, this drink packs a delightful multidimensional punch.  Brandon explained it accurately before we tried this: the boldness of the espresso is followed quickly by the smoothness of the milk, then finished off by the sweetness of maple syrup. We could take shots like this all day.



Latte – We ordered a plain latte (note the adorable handmade mug!) in hopes that we’d get to taste a clear profile of the Aerís espresso, unhindered by any additional syrups or flavorings.  This was on par with the best we’ve tasted! Smooth, bold, drinkable, and with sweet caramel notes and a fruity finish.



For anyone not in the immediate area, Aerís coffees are available for order or subscription via their website. You can also purchase their handcrafted pottery.



Seating in this cafe is simple, but Brandon and Shawn are quick to make one feel like family, so we found that the couch and small table and chairs are very appropriate for the setting!


If you’re ever in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota, we urge you to go out of your way to find this hidden gem. If you’re pretty sure you’ll never get anywhere close to Eastern South Dakota, don’t hesitate to order their coffee online.


Aerís Roasting Co
204 4th Ave, Osceola, SD 57353

Home Page

(605) 412-1013

Varying hours – message or call regarding availablity

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