Isely Coffee Roasters – Tasting (feat. eats by The Occasional Bakery)

Hidden in Wisconsin’s famous Door County in the small town of Ephraim, we found a small-batch, single origin roaster named Isely Coffee Roasters.  Although we have heard about Isely and their rise to becoming one of Wisconsin’s best coffee roasters, our first experience with Isely was with a friend bringing back one of their single-origin coffees for us to try.  It didn’t take long before we were checking out the place for ourselves!


Isely Coffee Roasters specializes in roasting single-origin coffees, which means they don’t have an espresso blend.  Besides their lever espresso, they do manual brews, nitro and serve Rishi tea in the cafe.

Ephraim, home to the iconic Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor, is now home to the Ephraim Coffee Lab. It’s only one block off the main drag and parking is available. Note, parking can be tough to come by on a busy summer day so this was a pleasant surprise.

The multi-tenant building has classic Door County charm.  The interior is a work in progress and although small has great appeal. The coffee lab features roasting equipment, the cafe and some narrow bar seating featuring local hardwoods. A stack of beautiful hard wood is a sign of future projects on the way. If you arrive and there’s a line out the door be patient! It’s worth the wait. It appears to already be a local favorite.


Ethiopia – V60 – This Ethiopia was described with berry, winey, and citrus tasting notes. We definitely could pull out all of those flavors while tasting along with a somewhat unique salsa-like taste in this V60. Normally you have to “dig” through the coffee to get that taste, but having that be a present flavor was exciting; it is pretty uncommon to get that taste so upfront.



Cortado – This Guatemalan espresso packs a nice hefty punch of flavor that will not disappoint!


Iced Caramel Latte – This Guatemalan espresso and iced milk drink pairs nice with the 1883 Caramel syrup.  We love that this is espresso blends so smoothly and doesn’t taste bitter or acidic. 


Latte – Made with steamed whole milk and a double shot of espresso, this was hearty and strong! We couldn’t be happier with the quality of Isely! 


Since we can’t do a tasting without a pastry pairing, we once again sampled delicious treats from The Occasional Bakery!  If you’re wondering where you can find these amazing works of baked art, keep your eyes open for the pop-ups coming to Mama D’s in Wales this fall or order directly from Instagram.


Lucky Charms Pop Tart: This was a super fun take on a classic strawberry pop tart. Filled generously with strawberry jelly, topped with vanilla icing and topped with our favourite Lucky Charms Cereal!



Orange Buttermilk Biscuits: These biscuits had beautiful layers on them and were perfect early morning biscuits. These had the flavor of a scone but the flakiness of a biscuit. We paired them with homemade blueberry butter and lemon curd butter. They were absolutely delicious and would pair beautifully with your morning coffee or tea. 


Biscoff Pop Tart: Flaky outer crust filled to the brim with cookie butter (did you know that cookie butter is a thing?!), then topped with cookie butter icing and a full Lotus Biscuit. No need to get on an airplane to enjoy these pop tarts!


Lavender Peach Pop Tart: The flaky outer pop tart crust was stuffed with gently poached white peaches infused with real lavender flower buds. We loved the gentle and not overpowering infusion of lavender and thought it matched the slight sweetness of the white peaches beautifully.



Lemon Blueberry Pop Tart: A spot-on Lemon curd with the perfect balance of tart and sweet was added to this version of the pop tart and then fresh blueberries were piled on top before the crust went on. This was the perfect start to the morning featuring a slightly sweet vanilla frosting and a drizzle of fresh lemon curd on top.



Caramel Apple Pie Pop Tart: It’s no secret that we love both all things caramel and all things apple. So when paired together in a beautifully flaky crust it was definitely the first pop tart we completely devoured. It was complemented so well with our Iced Caramel Latte the perfect drink with the perfect morning pastry!


Rose Hibiscus Pop Tart: A Gorgeous vanilla bean custard was infused with a perfect blend of rose and hibiscus flower petals to create this super delicate filling for our next pop tart. Topped with a bright pink vanilla frosting and of course some edible glitter for bling. 



Vanilla Doughnuts: If you follow @theoccasionalbakery on Instagram it will be no surprise that she’s currently obsessed with doughnuts and we couldn’t be happier. These beautifully moist brioche doughnuts are fried perfectly, topped with the perfect amount of sweet frosting and who can resist such colorful sprinkles! This classic doughnut paired deliciously with our Iced Caramel Latte. 


Espresso Doughnuts: We then had the privilege of tasting her Chocolate Espresso ganache filled doughnuts. An amazing balance of dark chocolate and delicious espresso was generously filled in the middle of this doughnut that was again, perfectly fried and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. 

If you haven’t tried Isely coffee yet, you can order online or make the trek Up North to visit the coffee lab. There’s good reason why Isely has gained national attention.  Add this to your list of coffees to try!

Isely Coffee Roasters

Wed-Sat – 1pm-6pm
Sunday – 9am-1pm

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