Boxed and Burlap – Delavan

A repurposed old farmhouse, Boxed and Burlap keeps its small-town charm and serves up a cup of coffee for the folks in these parts. Hard to miss due to the big “COFFEE” banner on one of the farm buildings, this place is a popular stop for the surrounding community and vacationers alike.



This two-level farmhouse is full of Instagram-worthy features – from the shiplap walls and antique photography to the leather furniture and vaulted ceilings. Patrons come to enjoy a good book or pleasant conversation over a game of table chess.




The menu here features espresso, drip coffee, tea, and chai. Boxed and Burlap uses beans from Gotham roasters in Brooklyn; a totally new experience for us today!



Service here was very pleasant. Two baristas made light conversation with us while whipping up our orders.



Right off the side of this cafe is their iconic sunroom. Here’s where we sipped our drinks this morning while enjoying a view of the patio and garden, which is used for weddings and special events.

Iced White Mocha – Smooth and well-balanced, this iced white mocha was a perfect summer drink choice. We were fully expecting this to be overly sweet, but it pleasantly surprised us!


Caramel Latte – This was a standard caramel latte. In a previous visit we tried the lavender latte, which we’d recommend trying over this one.


Lemon Poppyseed Muffin – We raved over this muffin!  Delicious and moist and lemony (really the three things anyone looks for in a good lemon poppyseed muffin), it didn’t take long to make this muffin disappear. To our surprise, it was sourced from Piggly Wiggly! No offense to the Pig, but although we could purchase this ourselves from the grocery store, we’d rather eat it at Boxed and Burlap with a cup of joe.


Chocolate Bobka – Moist and packed full of layers of chocolate this pastry was a new ethic adventure for us. A traditional Eastern European Jewish treat and also sourced from New York! They offer both the chocolate and cinnamon bobka.


Sugar Cake Donut – Fresh and tasty. This was a hit with the kids, and a great pair to a coffee drink.


There are some great spots for solo studying or reading here. This second-level reading nook has a great view but remains private!



Like we said earlier, the garden and patio spaces just outside of Boxed and Burlap are used for special events and weddings. We can see why this is a popular event space!


We know there are other places to get coffee in the Lake Geneva area, but so far this one is at the top of the list for us. Give it a try in these last few weeks of warmth!
Boxed and Burlap
2935 State Rd. 67
Delavan, WI 53115


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