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The Third Ward is nothing like the one remembered from a childhood of being dragged through a three story antique store on N. Milwaukee Street. It was a quiet and almost eerie place to be. Now it is a bustling neighborhood filled with condos, stores and a unique food scene that attracts people from all over the metro area. Joining the thriving scene is Press., the new kid on the (E. Buffalo Street) block, just off the main drag (Water Street) in the historic Marshall Building.


You’ll be greeted by a fresh, cheery space and a friendly barista ready to take your order – Today we met Nick, whose excellent skills match his bright personality.  An extra special bonus to this visit was the cameo by one of Milwaukee’s finest building painters.


The small cafe is graced by classic elements like subway tile, marble and pendant lighting. The green main counter and menu frames give a fresh pop of color to the white space along with the statement wall paper. The space is maximized with bench seating, bistro tables and small stools.


You’ll find more than just Belgian Liège waffles on the menu, and they have lunch options as well after 11pm.  Their coffee partner is Anodyne Coffee, and they have a handful of other drink options as well, including Rishi Tea, chai, and Belgian hot chocolate.


Powdered Sugar Waffle – While we enjoy a good specialty waffle with all the bells and whistles, this waffle stands tall in all its glory and tastiness with a simple dusting of powered sugar. 


Lemon Curd + Whipped Cream + Blueberry Compote – After telling Nick that we wanted a good-looking waffle, he directed us to this one. Presentation on point, we dug in and discovered that it tasted as good as it looks.  Fresh, sweet and fruity, this was a great way to start the morning.  

Savory Waffle: Honey Goat Cheese + Candied Bacon – 
This waffle was so delicious, the waffle itself was so soft and a wonderful sweetness balance. Paired with some delicious whipped honey goat cheese and Usingers candied bacon it was a huge hit. It is very sweet though so we suggest sharing it with a friend.


Latte – Anodyne’s Mind Tonic espresso tasted exactly as it should in this traditional latte. The shot was pulled well and the presentation gave us all the feels.  The only thing that would make this more exciting was if we had a little kick of flavor behind the latte, so…


Speculoos Latte – The Anodyne Mind Tonic espresso shot was absolutely delicious in this latte. It was lightly sweetened and had the lovely cookie butter taste of the famous Biscoff cookies that we have been crushing on lately. We loved seeing a unique, geniune-tasting latte on the menu.


Drip Coffee – Who can eat waffles without a cup of coffee?  This was the Press. blend crafted especially for Press. by Anodyne Coffee. The blend was expected to be something special or fun, especially given Anodyne’s other blends and their propensity for exciting, interesting, flavors.  The SP Blend was balanced, but lacked nuance. That being said, it was approachable and poured a little sweet—perfect to match so as to not overpower a waffle—what they are known for.

We want to give a huge shout out to the minds behind the cup stamp.  So classy! 


And speaking of classy, you can find a small offering of well-designed merchandise here, including these stickers of Jane, the vintage 1962 camper trailer where you can buy Press. waffles at local farmer’s markets and events throughout the year.


This little waffle stop is a great addition to the Third Ward, and it’s great that Press. has expanded to include a physical location where you can enjoy your waffles and coffee all week long.

We recommend you make friends with this new kid on the block!

Located at Third Ward’s Marshall Building
207 E Buffalo St,
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Hours:  Monday – Friday, 7am-3pm


Phone: (262) 498-1891

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