WAKA Instant Coffee – Tasting

There’s a hierarchy of greatness in the coffee world.  The better the bean, the higher the quality of the coffee produced, to put it plainly.  But what happens to the bad coffee cherries when they’re picked?  Do they get discarded?  The short answer is no; they eventually become what is known as instant coffee.  We know what you’re thinking.  It’s like the MRE of the coffee world, only to be utilized in case of a caffeine emergency.

WAKA coffee is trying to change that. From the WAKA Coffee websiteWaka Coffee was created with the idea that everyone should enjoy coffee effortlessly. Our objective is to reinvent the instant coffee category through a superior product and socially conscious values.”    The coffee they offer is single-origin Arabica which has been freeze-dried and packaged conveniently, and their goal is to minimize waste and time while preserving the flavor.  They sent us some, so we gave it a try!



Each box contains 8 single-serve packs. The packages are simple and recyclable, with easy-to-follow instructions.   This freeze-dried Colombian was described on the package as being smooth-bodied and well-balanced with notes of citrus.

The second instant coffee we tried was a decaffeinated Colombian.  Apparently people still drink decaf! This one’s for them!

The granules look like tiny chocolate chunks and they took about 90 seconds to dissolve completely into 8 ounces of hot water.


We have to be honest – our expectations were exceptionally low.  Taking that first sip didn’t blow us away to the point of converting us from our favorite whole bean coffee, but it did exceed our expectations. While we couldn’t put our finger on the citrus-like tasting notes, it did have a bold, medium-bodied flavor, with a mellow acidity.   It was easily drinkable and not at all sour and bitter like most instant coffees. Overall, if you’re looking for an instant coffee, this would be a great one to try.




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