Velobahn – Milwaukee

Tucked into Milwaukee’s Silver City neighborhood, along the Hank Aaron trail, Velobahn Coffee and Cycle sits in the distant shadows of Miller Park.  This cafe offers a rest stop for bicyclists and a place to get some work done or catch up with friends. The cycling theme is appropriate, considering that bicycle maintenance is available here in the spring and summer months.


The spacious cafe has something for everyone – window bar seating, tables and couches, and a stage for live music.  With such a large space, it’s not a mystery why Velobahn is available for rent for parties and special events.


The simplistic, light cream city brick and industrial design appeals to the patron who is attracted to a quiet, clutter-free environment. A wood-accented coffee bar graces the back of the cafe.



Sourcing coffee from Anodyne and Pilcrow,  tea from Rishi and bakery from Troubadour and Colectivo, their menu is not large but offers up something for almost everyone.

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Vanilla Latte – This creamy latte was made with Anodyne’s Nerve Tonic espresso and was a warm welcome to this snowy (fall!) day. This would be a hit with someone who doesn’t need a strong espresso taste in their latte and loves the sweetness of vanilla.  This could easily be ordered with another shot of espresso to keep you wide awake while getting some work done.


Iced Caramel Latte – One of us is obsessed with the drink known as the iced caramel latte, and insists that a good barometer of a coffee shop is how well they can make a flavorful, well-balanced iced drink.  We’re not saying she’s right, but she drinks a lot of these! This one was quite standard. Not overpowered by sugary syrup, this was very creamy and good ratio of ice to keep the drink cold but not watery.


Oat Milk Honey Latte – One thing we loved about Velobahn was that they carried Oatly oat milk. Let’s face it…the latte world was turned upside down when the latte world met the Oatly world. Suddenly lactose intolerant people can enjoy lattes as much as dairy drinkers! The oat milk honey latte was a tasty, subtly sweet beverage, made with anodyne’s nerve tonic espresso blend. The espresso was strong, but not overbearing. The honey was sweet but not saturating. Overall, a good balance and a tasty drink.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – This was a delicious, sweet, chewy cookie from from Troubadour! Generously sized and packed with raisins. If you bring your children, you will have to be quick or this will disappear before you get a bite!



Coffee Cake Muffin – This coffee cake was dense, sweet, loaded with cinnamon swirls, and paired perfectly with a latte. The top was full of crumbled cinnamon chunks and the base was just like your classic coffee cake. We ate it cold, but it would have been even more delicious warmed up. 

DSC_3266EDI T1

We admit that we did read books from this shelf.  They may or may not have been written by Dr. Seuss.  When you visit Velobahn, we won’t judge you if you read There’s a Wocket In My Pocket with your latte.  We did it too.


***UPDATE*** Velobahn closed its doors in 2020.

Velobahn Coffee & Cycle
3618 W Pierce Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215

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