Sandhill, Dogwood, and The Occasional Bakery

Coffee roasting is an art. One for which we have a deep appreciation. Recently, we encountered Sandhill Coffee at a local maker’s market and we couldn’t pass up the chance to try something new.

Phil Wingo, founder of Sandhill Coffee, has a passion for both nature and community. Striving to produce an eco-friendly product that brings people together, Phil was happy to share some coffee and chat awhile.

Read on to get a glimpse of our experience with Sandhill Coffee, along with some treats from The Occasional Bakery and a new (to us) coffee we just picked up from Dogwood Coffee Co., a roaster out of Minneapolis.  Here goes!


Shot of Dark Side of the Loon – Surprisingly flavorful, bold and robust, this smokey shot had notes of dark chocolate. There was no sour or bitter aftertaste. Perfect for someone who loves that dark, bold pick-me-up in the morning! 



Cortado – This unflavored cortado made with Dark Side of the Loon features smoky notes and dark chocolate.  We’re giving credit to Sandhill’s espresso blend, but our in-home barista really knows how to pull a good shot!  The smokiness of the espresso topped with lightly steamed milk stands out great on its own, but we also think you could easily add some honey to the cortado to add a dimension of subtle sweetness.




Sandhill’s San Miguel Pour Over – We really enjoyed this medium roast Guatemalan pour over; it was a delicious roast that had beautiful notes of sweet spices with a citrus finish. Sandhill excels at roasting their coffees designed for pours, and you can definitely tell. This coffee pleasantly exceeded our expectations.



Maple Bacon Latte – Made with Sandhill’s Dark Side of the Loon espresso blend, this got mixed reviews from the review crew. VERY mixed.  Some of us liked the smoky bacon flavor that combined with the pancakey maple sweetness. Like a homemade breakfast in a log cabin on the top of a mountain in Colorado. Others thought this was hot garbage and an abomination to both coffee and creativity.  One thing we agreed on: none of us were in love with the idea of bacon floaties in a coffee drink. Maybe this one needs some tweaking! 


Maple Bacon Pecan Doughnut – A more appropriate use of bacon comes in the form of this maple bacon pecan donut by The Occasional Bakery. This incredibly soft brioche doughnut was topped with a sweet maple frosting and then adorned with slightly crispy bacon and maple roasted pecans. This perfect fall doughnut paired well with the slightly sweet notes from the San Miguel blend from Sandhill Coffee.




Yorkshire Pudding: Eggs Benedict – Soft pillowy cups of puffy Yorkshire puddings stuffed with bacon and eggs, we tried it with scrambled and a lightly poached egg, and topped with a savory hollandaise sauce. Such a good start to our morning.

Yorkshire Pudding: Whipped Cream, Raspberries and Maple Syrup – This Yorkshire pudding was filled with tart raspberries and sweet whipped cream. We topped it off with more raspberries and drizzled some delicious organic Maple syrup over the top. We thought this tasted like a puffy raspberry french toast!


We were excited to also get to try Dogwood Coffee Co. out of Minneapolis.  They offer two espresso blends – Bear Hug and Neon – and we picked Bear Hug, a blend of coffee from Mexico and Colombia.


Housemade Vanilla Latte with Bear Hug Espresso – We loved that the Bear Hug espresso had notes of sweet berries and chocolate. This mixed perfectly with our housemate vanilla simple syrup, and it indeed tasted like a hug from the inside out.  



Bear Hug Macchiato – Dark but not bitter or sour, this would pair easily with a flavor shot due to its deep chocolate notes. This makes a smooth, flavorful macchiato that was gone in a flash! Lovely blend, Dogwood!

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