Bella Goose Coffee – Wisconsin Dells

Overlooking the picturesque Kilbourn Dam in the Dells sits a coffee shop with a purpose – one that’s been active in creating a place of belonging both here and afar.

Bella Goose was founded in 2013. The team of founders didn’t stop at the idea of merely opening up a cafe in a beautiful place.  They took it further, using their profits to fight human trafficking. They have opened shops in Thailand and the Philippines where those rescued from human trafficking can find help and support.

“We use the business of coffee to employ and empower people. We provide jobs that treat people right, train them in skills they didn’t have before, and help give them a life for their children. When a sustainable job is added to the rehabilitation of a trafficked person, the chance of them being trafficked again is much lower.” 

Here in their Wisconsin Dells cafe, the modern interior is highlighted by classic and industrial touches. There is a variety of seating and room to spread out. It’s a great retreat in an over-the-top tourist destination. It’s good to know that even on busy days, parking won’t be a problem.

On this trip to The Dells, we met up with one of the Bella Goose’s owners, Ali. Kind and bubbly, she was eager to welcome us into the cafe. The baristas behind the counter are found singing along to early 2000’s jams as they sling espressos and plate up breakfast for this morning’s patrons. The atmosphere is light and laid back. Ali informed us that they’re soon to be (and now currently) offering official brunch items every day from 7-1. Make sure you try the waffle bar and breakfast skillets, folks!

Ugly Gosling espresso blend served with organic Sassy Cow milk. Oat & Almond Milk alternatives available. They have a good variety of beans and multiple choices for drip coffee.

Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte – Made with local raw honey, we loved that this was a good balance of espresso and cinnamon, and that this drink wasn’t overpoweringly sweet.  The molasses tasting notes shine through on this one!

Salted Caramel Latte – Clearly distinct from the caramel latte, this delicious hot drink has salty and sweet toppings; a great drink for those of us with a sweet tooth. Hopefully they carry this one into the colder months, too!

Cinnamon Roll – Another great take on this American breakfast staple, the fresh baked pastry with buttercream frosting is a go-to item any and every morning.

Oatmeal Cookie – A kid favorite, this was a well-made cookie. Moist and delicious, this paired so well with drip coffee. The kid didn’t get to drink the drip coffee, however!

Drip Coffee – With Starbucks a couple hundred yards away, you can level up (times 10) by getting Bella Goose drip coffee instead. This robust and refreshing cup of Joe was a quick morning pick-me-up and paired well with the bakery!

Smoothie – Anyone who orders a smoothie expects it to taste like a cold blast of fresh fruit. And smooth, like the name says.  This was exactly that.  It’s apparent that Bella Goose has taken the time to perfect everything they serve, and this was a perfect fruity drink for a hot summer day. 

Granola Yogurt – Greek yogurt and housemade granola. This was a perfect size, and a good non-bakery option. We appreciated that they were generous with the granola since it was definitely the rock star of this order.

Bacon Egg Biscuit – While not huge, this breakfast sandwich was well-proportioned and tasty.  

Lemon Blueberry Scone – We asked the kids if they wanted a scone and they said no.  However, we barely got to taste this one because it was so amazing that the kids scarfed it down after we’d taken only one bite.  I was expecting something dry, but this was incredibly moist and lemony. Everything you’d hope for in a perfect scone. Would buy again – and hide it from the kids. 

Granola + Milk – if you aren’t a fan of greek yogurt try the homemade granola with a simple side of milk, it perfectly compliments this crunchy, sweet breakfast treat. 

Iced Caramel Latte – A popular summer staple, the iced caramel latte! The espresso taste was subtle, so we ordered this twice (no such thing as too much espresso, right?) and asked for an extra shot of espresso. It was made to perfection, and the dark chocolate and cinnamon notes shined through but the drink maintained the gentle caramel flavor. 

Vanilla Bean – The house made syrups are a definite highlight and vanilla was equal in quality to the caramel, the handcrafted syrups enhance the latte experience along with the attractive latte art.

Sun-kissed seating out back comes with views of the Wisconsin River, dam and river boats. Shade lovers can find an oasis in the front of the cafe. Just up the road in the heart of downtown Wisconsin Dells is the new roastery (currently open limited hours).

Swag comes in the form of apparel and drink accessories in addition to all the beans and handcrafted food items including, honey, granola and syrups.

If you happen to stop by on a Wednesday morning, you’ll catch some live music!

Wisconsin Dells is very fortunate to have a coffee shop like Bella Goose, with a purpose and passion that reaches far beyond their four walls. It is a morning-ritual-must for vacationers. We’re sure it already is for locals.


MONDAY – SATURDAY: 7am – 5pm
SUNDAY: 7am – 4pm

For online ordering use the Joe Coffee App. 
Text “coffee” to 474747 to download the app

Bella Goose Coffee House
On the River
2370 Wisconsin Dells Parkway
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

The Roastery & Tasting Room
744 Eddy Street 
Downtown Wisconsin Dells

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