8th & Roast

The Nashville coffee scene is for real. Right off of Charlotte Ave and about a hundred yards from I-40, 8th and Roast is easily accessible to the traveler and local alike. The cafe was well designed.  Lots of natural light made for a very pleasant experience.  There were plenty of seating options, including a window bar, couches, and various tables.  We also noted a lot of outlets available, making this a nice fit for the work and school environment we are currently in. 

One wall had a bright, colorful mural.  This was paired with neutrals of most of the furniture, making sure the color was life bring without being too aggressive.  There were also a plethora of unique materials – the bar seating was copper and the bar itself was composed of multiple wood textures.  Overall it had a very welcoming but industrial feel, with scattered plants for extra warmth.

Fitting for their name, 8th & Roast does indeed roast their own beans.  They have a couple specific farmer relationships in Guatemala – sort of distant family friends.  They talk and communicate often on what beans they want to get and when. Most of their other beans are bought through a middle man, but they always make sure the beans are ethically sourced. When they want to bring in a new bean, the roast team will pick 15 or so different beans from farms and farmers around the same area.  From there, they bring the owners and head baristas in on a tasting.  The teams together decide what beans they will add to their stock. They try to regularly carry beans to be featured on their own, such as a flavorful Ethiopia or a Brazil with strong nutty-ness.  The barista said people are often surprised at how much flavor can be found in just black coffee.  They bring in other beans for the purpose of creating blends. As all their beans are roasted in house, the roast team manages the purchasing and production of the beans, making sure they can meet demand with delicious roasts and blends.

Nitro Mint Lemonade – This was a group favorite! The mint really added a unique touch to the overall drink. While the lemonade was definitely the prominent flavor, the nitro added the coffee touch that we all love. This is a great, fresh summer drink that coffee fans and newbies can both enjoy!

Dolce de Leche Latte – This was a phenomenally smooth and creamy latte. It did not have an overpowering syrup flavor, but instead tasted very organic. It bared a strong resemblance to your traditional latte, but had a touch of sweetness and spice. We would recommend this beverage for someone who likes an original latte, but is feeling a little adventurous.

Rose Sproda – This is a true warm weather drink! A surprising combination of rosemary, honey, and lemon all built upon an espresso and tonic base. It is truly a delightful blend of summer flavors. The carbonation of the tonic sets it apart from other nitro based drinks. This is a drink for someone who wants a break from a traditional seasonal drink.

Blueberry Lemon Scone – This was delicious. It was the first scone our blogging partner had ever tried and he is hooked! The lemon frosting and blueberry combination was sweet against the scone base without being cloying. This was a perfect pair with the nitro mint lemonade!

Chocolate Bear Claw – We really enjoyed this piece of bakery. The pastry was buttery and flakey, which made it resemble more of a croissant. The chocolate was well distributed and oozed out as it was eaten. Making it a little messy, but in the best way! And who doesn’t love chocolate with coffee?

Blueberry Muffin – This muffin was a little dry, but when you got a bite with blueberries it was great! Although the blueberries were mostly on the bottom of the muffin. Our partner said he would definitely order it again!

Bacon Biscuit – This sandwich was amazing! They provided a substantial amount of bacon upon perfectly souffled eggs. The biscuit was incredible! Despite being a bit crumbly, it was moist and buttery. Herbs were mixed into the biscuit batter, adding further flavor to a delicious and filling breakfast sandwich!

Chorizo Burrito w/ Salsa – This burrito was outstanding! The combination of the chorizo, eggs, basil, and cheese was outstanding and very well distributed. The salsa added an awesome touch and was very delicious. It was also a substantial breakfast that we will definitely be enjoying again!

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to this place in Nashville. We would love to hear about your experiences here!

8th & Roast
4104 Charlotte Ave,
Nashville, TN 37209


(615) 988-4020

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