Blue Collar Coffee – Delafield

With their first location in Beloit being such a hit since it opened in  late 2018, Blue Collar Coffee has expanded to include a cafe in historic downtown Delafield.


Taking the place of a previous coffee shop, this place looks totally different–featuring rustic wood and metal accents, and industrial light fixtures with a vintage flair.


There’s not a lot of solo seating here – the vibe seems to be tables of four or more in hopes that you’d bring your friends along for the ride.



And speaking of coffee, we are longtime fans of Ruby Coffee Roasters, and we couldn’t be more pleased with Blue Collar’s choice of beans. In the past, one has had to travel to their tasting room in Steven’s Point or order online to be able to enjoy Ruby. It’s exciting to see it becoming more easily accessible in southeastern Wisconsin.


The menu here includes some traditional espresso drinks (FYI, their cappuccino is a 12 oz beverage) we also noticed the absence of a few words on their menu – such as pour over, cortado, and macchiato.


Iced Mocha – This drink comes in a 16 oz size, so the taste of the espresso was barely there.  However, the chocolate flavor was great and it wasn’t sugary sweet.  This drink will be a hit for someone just starting to get acquainted with the coffee world.


12 oz. Latte – We loved how they took the initiative and put a cute little cinnamon pattern on the top! The Ruby espresso paired nicely with the milk. The 12 oz still has a present espresso taste, but if you would prefer it on the stronger side, go for an 8 oz. or order an extra shot!


Honey Latte – We were delighted to see the barista use a scale to measure out the honey. The result was a perfectly balanced latte with a present espresso and honey taste. We were also happy with the temperature of the drink and balance of the ice.  The ice didn’t melt quickly and therefore didn’t dilute the drink! Well done. 

Cortado with honey – This wasn’t on the menu, so we took a risk ordering this.  Fortunately the lovely barista Mayli knew exactly how to make it and it exceeded expectations! The Ruby espresso combined with 8 grams of honey was strong, sweet and fruity and hit all the high notes for us. 


Caramel Latte – When ordering a latte, even one that is flavored, we prefer one that is well balanced and picks up on both the espresso and the flavor. Unfortunately, this caramel latte lacked a strong presence of espresso. Luckily it wasn’t sugary sweet, either!

Raspberry Latte – Trying something new here, this was okay. We could taste the raspberry and it wasn’t too strong, but the drink itself was lukewarm which may have been a factor.

Danish – We tried the blueberry and the maple pecan danishes.  These were SO SO good. We expected these to be sourced from, I dunno, heaven? But we were delighted that these moist, sweet, flavorful danishes were baked in-house.

Cranberry Muffin – This muffin was very good! They heated it up, which definitely took it up a notch for sure. The outside was very nice and crispy which led way to a delicious soft and moist interior. Hate to overuse use the word “moist” but that’s just what this muffin was! The cranberries were mixed throughout very evenly and it had a good balance with the amount of cranberries used.

Chocolate Chip Twist – It’s good that Blue Collar Coffee isn’t right next door to our houses, because we’d all be spending all of our money on these. The nice crispy layers of dough was complemented by the warm soft chocolate chip filling. So good.



An asset to downtown Delafield for sure, this place provides new things to try in the Lake Country!

Blue Collar Coffee
523 Milwaukee St.
Delafield, Wisconsin 53018

Mon-Fri – 6a-6p
Saturday – 7a-6p
Sunday – 7a-4p

(262) 337-9946

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