Zulay Kitchen – Product Test

With Christmas season in full swing, we’ve got gift ideas on the brain! Our friends at Zulay Kitchen gifted us some things they thought we’d love, and we couldn’t wait until Christmas morning to put them to the test!


Cold Brew Coffee Maker with Shock-Resistant Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel Mesh Filter and Non-Slip Silicone Base – retails for $28.99First of all, this is is made of Borosili glass. It’s clean, sleek design is both attractive and easy to clean.  We love that it’s BPA free, FDA cleared, and comes with a lifetime warranty. This carafe is designed for brewing both hot and cold coffee, so this is a portable way to get either…or both. 



Making the cold brew was quite easy. Our first task was to choose a coffee to brew, so we went with a local classic – Ruby Coffee Roasters out of Stevens Point, WI.  This is a perfect time to try their holiday blend!



With tasting notes of mulled wine, fruit and spices, this will be a perfect holiday cold brew. This has potential for an amazing Old Fashioned, too!


Using a coarse to medium grind of coffee (preference depending), fill the coffee filter about 2/3 full. Insert the filter into the carafe and pour unfiltered room temperature water through the grounds.  This actually took a little while, as the water slowly seeped through the coffee grounds. 


After the water reaches the 32 oz mark, secure the lid and store in the the fridge for 12-18 hours. The directions suggest stirring occasionally to bring out more of the coffee’s flavor.


After storing this in the fridge for about 18 hours, we’ve teamed up with professional baristas to further unpack the potential of this cold brew, plus whip up some drinks using another Zulay Kitchen product!

Cold Brew – Straight from the Cold Brew carafe after about 18 hours in the fridge, this cold brew was extremely pleasant!  This has none of the bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste that you’d get from cooled-down traditional coffee. The tasting notes of citrus and spices were clear and bright. Who knew it would be this easy?!



Ginger Beer + Cold Brew – 3 to 2 ratio of Fever-Tree’s premium ginger beer to cold brew, this is good for people who don’t love coffee but like a kick of caffeine. This tastes sophisticated and bubbly with the classic ginger bite. 





Old Fashioned – Bitters, Syrup, and cold brew – The tasting notes of warm spices and sweet orange really made this a fantastic drink. Using Barsmith syrup and Angostura bitters….we simply swapped out the bourbon for cold brew, and topped it off with an orange garnish. 


Coconut Vanilla Cold Brew – Since we had a coconut available today, we experimented a little bit. Equal parts fresh coconut water and cold brew, we lightly sweetened this with vanilla simple syrup and turned this into a little taste of tropical paradise. The citrus notes of the cold brew shined through without any weird bitterness or aftertaste, thanks to Zulay Kitchen’s cold brew maker. 



Organic USDA Certified,  Authentic Japanese Culinary Grade Matcha Tea Powder – Retails for $10.99

Another Zulay Kitchen product we tried out today was their Matcha green tea powder. With so many people loving on Matcha due to its many health benefits and versatility, we were excited to see what we could do with this product.


Matcha Latte – We haven’t made a lot of these, but discovered quickly that a good sweetener is crucial. We chose to sweeten this with local honey and it paired well with Zulay Kitchen’s matcha powder. The matcha powder was earthy and zucchini-like in flavor, and contains some caffeine so you don’t have to give up your caffeine fix if you start exploring the world of matcha tea. Zulay Kitchen offers a free matcha recipe e-book and a coupon for 20% off your next purchase. 


Iced Matcha + Vanilla Latte –  Sweetened with vanilla simple syrup, this matcha powder makes a deliciously creamy iced drink. The powder took only a few minutes to completely dissolve, and tasted fresh and invigorating. This is a good way to enjoy the taste and health benefits of Matcha a drink that makes it feel like summer.  After making two drinks, our bag of matcha powder was still quite full, so this package will last us awhile. 


We’re happy to report that the customer service at Zulay Kitchen is friendly, quick to reply, and enthusiastic. We could tell they care about their customers, products, and maintaining good relationships. Via email, their response time was generally 24 hours or less!

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